Saturday, January 03, 2009

First Things First

I have decided that I will make up one new word a week for this entire year. An idea that may prove to be brainiously entertaining.

Brainiously - adj - describing something which obviously took an incredible amount of higher brain function to create and/or carry through to completion. Witty, smart, and zany. Syn - brilliantly, fabulously, amazingly, ingeniously, incredibly...


Stole this idea from Beck at Frog and Toad are Still Friends who stole it from countless others. Her posts are poignant and dopey (her words...). Actually, her posts make me like being a mommy even when I don't feel like it. And I mean that as a huge compliment even if it doesn't make sense.

The first line from the first post I did each month in 2008.


Um... no post for this month and at this point in my blogs existence this was not uncommon.

That was not the first sentence... there really was no posts for January 2008.


Apparently I have been tagged by Julie's Musing Medley.

Apparently this was my first tag and the first time I really opened up on my blog about anything personal.


See January.

See I told ya so.


...of Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine by Wayne Grudem.



See January and March.



I stole this from a frazzled mom (thanks Julie;-]) but I couldn't resist...

I steal.





Yeah... you heard me.

Wow, I actually did most of something I set out to do... three of the five ornaments are on my tree right now.


Up here in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains there is no shortage of critters to keep us company.

A very informative post.



If you haven't seen it... go... go now. Thats my boy!


My country, ’tis of thee

Election time and this is most likely the most grown up post I have ever done.


So you can't tell me that high fructose corn syrup has no effect on the behavior of children...

The proof is in the clip.

So... Thats my year. One sentence (or lack thereof) at a time. I... I'm... Hmm... everyone elses was so much more interesting. :-p I did notice that I like to do this...


My elipses and me... together... forever.

My titles are actually much more interesting than the first sentences... ya know... to draw you in so I can bore you into submission.


Sandy Toes said...

We all use different words over and over..I know I do!!! Mine is
"So fun"!
-sandy toes

Beck said...

Ha! Awesome. It was nice having a chance to go back over some of your older posts! I remember back when I first started blogging and I had time to read people's archives when I discovered them.... so I liked this quick fill-in on your older posts.

Mel said...

Oh I make up words all the time, they all go into Mel's dictionary!!!

Dena said...

I'm right there with you on using the ... 's. And I love your new word!

a corgi said...

love your idea of a new word a week; I'm convinced my word "funner" is a real word but spell check always rejects it.

I liked reading some of your other posts from months passed too; you have a cute sense of humor


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I think "brainiously" would actually be an adverb, but I'm not sure. I'm about ready to do a glossy of 2nd Cup terms one should know if reading my blog, such as "Ken Lee."

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

'Brainously' or in my case
'Brainlessly' emphasizing the 'lessly'
Great going over your old post.

Julie said...

... I don't like how often my name is mentioned ... It makes me feel like I need to be punished ...


We need to catch up sometime soon! (((hugs)))

Becky said...

Oh golly jeepers, Linda you're right. I'm a dork... brainiously is an adverb not an adjective. Serves me right for trying to abbreviate and look all smart with my made up definition. :-p Back to schoolhouse rock for me.