Saturday, August 02, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Yeah... you heard me. Merry Christmas AND (bitterly) Happy New Year. >:-[ I was shopping in Longs today and found an entire isle in the hot, very Summer month of August, totally dedicated to Christmas! ARG! Like a pirate I say AARRRRRRRRRG!!!

I was ashamed because like a tragic accident I could not look away. I found myself drawn toward it like a bee to a flower. I craved the sweet nectar of holiday spirit, albeit, out of season. Now enveloped in my own private heaven in the form of a wall of hallmark ornaments I scanned for prospective additions to my very real looking-artificial tree.

Hmmm... A Little Mermaid for Kiah... Hotwheels... no, no, Wall-E for James... Rudolf and his elf friend for Eden (my little misfit) and The Very Hungry Caterpillar for Marli. Of course I noticed the garden wheel barrel for myself. Huh... whu... I am so ashamed... :-(

What ever happened to Fall?

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Debbie in CA : ) said...

Oh there must always be a dip into Christmas mid-year. Around here we crank up the Nat King Cole Christmas Song and have some cocoa. We love to chatter about "What will be ..." this Christmas. I already have my Christmas Tea table planned (a Nutcracker theme) and with lots of family scheduled to participate this year we chose a 12 Days of Christmas theme. Gettin' excited? I am!! I love Christmas!!! And, while in Disneyland recently I bought Christmas ornaments! So see ... it's okay (in fact, I think it's healthy to spread all that anticipatory joy around throughout the year). Anyway, who could resist those adorable ornaments? : )