Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Gift of Love

Were you aware whilst a suckling babe,
that your path of life had been laid?

Did you know why angels sang on high,
whilst swaddled within that lowly sty?

Could you think above the others,
being cradled in the arms of mothers?

While shepherds bowed did you coo with glee,
or sleep before their bended knees?

As wise men came with herbs and gold,
did you know of what those gifts foretold?

As a babe, could you reason,
that to everything there is a season?

Did you not cry or fuss unduly,
as a toddler never unruly?

Wise we know, beyond your years,
a young heart free of doubts or fears.

When you slept would you dream,
of nonsense or of things unseen?

Did you know each star by name;
hear their voice your glory proclaim?

How was your laugh, rich and deep?
Or sweet and quiet through closed lips seep?

Did you always know you were God’s son,
precious, sacred, the only one?

When you looked upon your Mama’s face,
did you know she was saved by grace?

Did you know each hair in Papa’s beard?
For it was you who put them there.

And when someone would hold you as a babe,
your infant hand on their cheek you laid,

Could you see their heart, their soul so weak,
and turn it so that they could seek?

Oh Jesus, you came, a babe so small,
to rescue your own from the fall.

Let us not forget the true reason,
for which we celebrate this season.

So we could live forever with God above.
That is the true reason for Jesus, a gift of love.