Sunday, May 31, 2009

Project 365 ~ May 17th - May 30th

Sunday, May 17th the laundry lines up for washing.

Monday, May 18th the kids play a not so quiet game while Marli naps. SHHHHHHHH!!!

Tuesday, May 19th My Loves put this moth on James while he was taking a mid-day snooze. James woke up and screamed like a girl ROTFLOL! He quickly calmed down and took his new friend outside where it belonged.

Wednesday, May 20th we find the moth has found another friend of its own kind this time.

Thursday, May 21st this green climbing frog finally found a resting place on top of the window trim of my parents house after being manhandled by the kids for a bit. I told them that for my birthday I wanted them to let it go... and they did. :-)

Friday, May 22nd we met some friends by a private lake and while enjoying the sunshine this young buck walked right up to us. It was sort of freaky. I told it to tell his friends to stay out of my yard or else but I'm afraid my warning fell on HUGE def ears.

Saturday, May 23rd the peonies I gave to my dad are blooming. They are giant and beautiful and smell heavenly. They never put on quite a show for me.

Sunday, May 24th Kiah is My Love's date for a friends wedding. I was plain worn out after church and didn't have the wherewithal to help the kids sit quite through a wedding. But Kiah was very excited to see the "princess" wedding and I think her and her dad make a lovely couple.

Monday, May 25th ...aliens :-/

Tuesday, May 26th The kids were watching a bee on one of the flowers but I thought it looked like the flowers were looking at the kids. teehee.

Wednesday, May 27th James catches a baby alligator lizard. At this size they aren't quite as formidable as their adult selves. He gets a thumbs up.

Thursday, May 28th... see Monday.

Friday, May 29th I worked a shift at Round Table and did the grocery shopping after. All I wanted to do when I got home was put my feet up and watch Jay Leno's last show. Headlines and Jaywalking, some of the best bits ever.

Saturday, May 30th I wake to find my white Canterbury bells (?) in full bloom... yes... I see they are not white. I bought them last year when they were two inch starters... now they are four foot purple topped stalks.

Thanks for stopping by. To see other peoples weeks in review visit Sara at Make Music From Your Heart to the Lord.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Roundom Rudeness

So if you haven't heard yet I just started working at Round Table Pizza. I'm not entirely sure that I am allowed to write about my experiences there but I will anyway because I don't know any better.

Ignorance is bliss. Thats my story and I am stickin' to it.

Anyway, I have only worked three shifts so far the longest of which was 3.5 hours. Tonight I worked my forth shift and instead of make-up (building and baking pizzas) I was trained to be the pizza runner. This is the person who brings the food to the table after going through an elaborate ritual of figuring out which pizza it is, whether it was paid for and where it is really supposed to go.

On a completely different note... Billy Crystal was on Jay Leno tonight. I am getting old. I can tell because every time I see a celebrity I grew up watching I think, "boy they are getting old."


Billy Crystal is one of my favorite actors who is, quite frankly, beginning to look a little pasty. That means I'm not too far behind. I do admire him though for letting it happen and NOT pulling a Kenny Rodgers permanent surprise but in denial lift.

If I close my eyes I can picture in my minds eye that Jay is actually interviewing Mike Wisowsky and all is well.

AnYwAy, I also know I am getting older because the antics of teens, specifically the rude ones, gets on my nerves. I brought a medium twist (six garlic bread twists) to a table of three teens, two girls and a boy. It was accompanied by two little tubs of ranch dressing...standard. The boy asked me for an extra ranch. I knew there was a .25 cent charge for extra tubs but was unsure of how to collect it at that point.

I checked with another employee and went back to the table and said, " I'm sorry, it is my first night serving and I was told that extra ranch is .25 cents would you still like one?"

After looking at me like I had hissing cockroaches climbing out my nose he answers, dripping with sarcastic teenage angst, "NO, reeeaaally, I'll be just fiiiiine, but thanks A LOT for bringing extra plates, yep, thanks."

Completely ignoring his tone I respond cheerfully, "You're welcome, enjoy your meal and have a nice evening." Because that is what I am paid minimum wage to do... ignore the fact that someone in this teens life has neglected to tell him that he is not owed a thing just by being born and that not everything in life is free even if you whine for it. All the while thinking... between the three of you you couldn't scrounge up a lousy .25 cents!?! Really!?! You are copping attitude over a quarter cup of ranch!?!

OOOooo... Prince is on Leno too... I... oh my word, seriously? ... nah... I won't go there.

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I know it probably getting annoying to hear about AGAIN but there is still time to enter this just for fun, its my birthday, I have reached 200 posts giveaway.

But don't comment here... only comments on the original post will count as an entry. Just click the pic and you're there. May 31st is the last day to enter and you can put in as many entries (comments) as you want.


I mentioned to My Love that my awesome blogosphere friends had helped me to reach my goal of 200 + comments on one post and he says,

"Really, I guess there's a first time for everything... and a last."

OOOOooooooo... >:-[

OK, so I could never really be mad at My Love, and it was all in fun, but...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

And It Was a Good One Too


Everyone is in bed...

So You Think You Can Dance is waiting for me on my dvr...

Another slice of cheesecake is calling my name...

My birthday strolls to a close and, yes, it was a good one too.


What did I get?

Bird feeders, plants (you think I'm a little obvious about loving gardening and birdwatching), time out with my friends and a quiet celebration with my family... AND CHEESECAKE! Basically everything this Mommy could ever want.

Thank you My Love :-*

And thank you for all your warm wishes :-)


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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ABC, Wordful, and Watch Me Wednesday ~ A Triple Threat

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Today is the letter R

R is for Round Table

Yeah, I work there. Today was my first real shift. A grueling two hours... I know! Slave drivers. I made pizzas, for I am... The Pizza Whisperer.


This lovely little Anna's Hummingbird stopped for a rest between being pursued by a persistent male and taking sips from the feeder. Poor girl was plain tuckered out. Not sure if it shows up too well in the photo but her face and beak were covered in pollen.


Watch Me Wednesday

Sometimes a girl has just gotta dance... even if it is to a Ponyville merry go round. And Eden... was just being Eden.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Project 365 ~ April 26th - May 16th

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Interested in learning more about me?

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Just read this post before you go.

Project 365 is a great way to keep up with yourself and your bloggy buddies. It is hostessed by Sara at Make music from your heart to the Lord. You can find her and more weeks in review by clicking the Project 365 button.

Wow. I had some catching up to do. I hope you all remember who I am, teehee.

Sunday, April 26th Awanas held a family carnival instead of a store. There were games, candy, cupcakes and more. We had a great time.

Monday, April 27th My Love brings home my birthday/mothers day present. I have wanted a large fountain for a long time and we got this one for only $40 at a yard sale. They were using it as a planter :-/ We bought a pump online... a steal of a deal to fulfill one of this Mommy's dreams.

Flip says, "A fancy new water dish FOR MEEEEE? Fill'er up!" Silly pup.

Tuesday, April 28th I like to call Eden the lizard whisperer. Everyday she catches a new blue belly and names it Love. EVERY time.

I let her keep them over night then she has to let them go. Its always bitter sweet to see Love go but he always has family waiting.

Wednesday, April 29th Ladybugs. We watched them eat aphids, clean up, and even mate. Look out! Its Spring fever in Ladybug Land.

Thursday, April 30th just like Eden with her lizards, James loves his stink beetles (Darkling beetles). They are big but harmless. I was not too thrilled to have it inside but my budding entomologist wanted to be sure I met his new friend.

Friday, May 1st give a girl a tire... she'll make a planter out of it. My tendency to turn anything that doesn't move into a planter drives My Love bonkers. He took this one OK though.

Saturday, May 2nd on our hike the day before to find wild bleeding hearts to fill my new planter we came upon these charming little fellows. The California newt. The thing I like about them are their little hands. So cute! So cartoony. This day we hiked to where we found them and put them back.

Sunday, May 3rd Awanas award night. Here is Eden and James with their teacher, and, below, Kiah with hers. I admire these ladies so much. I could not do what they do with the amount of patience they do it with.

Monday, May 4th Eden was so photogenic after her bath. Those curls and freckles... *sigh*

Tuesday, May 5th Marli helps me bake for Campus Life and reaps the rewards.

Wednesday, May 6th the pump for my fountain arrives in the mail and My Love gets it up and running. I added some pond hyacinth, bullfrog tadpoles and goldfish to the bottom level. I love it! Thank you My Love :-)

Thursday and Friday escaped the camera. :-(
I suspect more aliens :-p

Saturday, May 9th My Love takes James out for a little airsoft (like paintball). I wasn't thrilled but James was in dire need of some MAN time.

Sunday, May 10th Happy Mother's Day! With my love doing all my work for me I relaxed for once. We went to church, had naps (yes, even me), had a picnic, went bike riding, and then out for ice cream. What a great day.

Monday, May 11th the clover begins to bloom and makes for great tree decorations.

Tuesday, May 12th we had an exciting walk. We saw two snakes (a harmless yellow-bellied racer and a teeny tiny red sharp tail). Then Flip caught a HUGE alligator lizard by the tail which it kindly left behind right before it scampered up a tree. James wanted to keep it... um, no.

Wednesday, May 13th I don't remember what I was making for dinner but it sure peaked Flip and Mo's interest. Mo is my parent's dog. They are traveling so we are pupsitting. This dog is equal to two of Flip at 70 pounds, and he is only one year old. :-o But he is a gentle giant and LOVES the kids.

Thursday, May 14th and yet another friend is made.

Friday, May 15th a puppet show awaits courtesy of Kiah.

Saturday, May 16th I'm kidnapped for a girls day out birthday surprise. My friend Melissa came to pick me up... I had no idea she was coming! I had not showered, put a bra on, or brushed my hair, but it didn't take me long to get ready. Another friend, Nadya, was waiting for us at our first destination. Surprise again! We went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and the most fabulous birthday dessert. White chocolate rassberry truffle cheesecake. YUM! We all agreed that next time we will skip the meal and just have cheesecake. I had so much fun. I have the best of friends! Thank you soooooooo much!

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Here It Is! #200 with a GIVEAWAY!


Changed my mind again... all the new thoughts are at the bottom.
We are almost there!


And since I can't find some random pic of the #200 off of the intermajiggernet then you will have to settle for my cheezy homemade graphic.

And if you want to know what 200 calories worth of just about any food looks like then click on the 200 calories worth of smarties pictured below, which looks much more appetizing than 200 calories worth of ketchup. :-D

Here is my idea! I want to do a giveaway to celebrate my 200th post and my birthday on the 21st but I'm not quite sure what I am going to give away.

All you need to do is leave a comment

telling me that you are interested in getting whatever the prize turns out to be. Leave as many comments as you want because each one will be counted as an individual entry...

On May 31st I will tally all the entries the old fashioned way and draw the winner at random.

THE ONLY CATCH is that each comment must say something different even if it only contains one word. LOL.

I'll even give you some examples of acceptable comments to leave...

"Becky, you rock!"

"I love your blog!"

"You are sooooooo funny!"

"I laugh every time I come here"

"You are beautiful."



...and so on.
You could even mean it. :-p


I will be adding little notes here on this post each day until the entry period comes to an end (on May 31st) so keep checking back and leaving new comments.

AM I NUTS!!!!!


you have seen my profile pic right? HA!


Since my birthday is on the 21st of May then the 21st commenter will win a prize!


If I reach 100 comments the 100th commenter will win a prize...


If I reach 200 comments the 200th commenter will also win a prize!

I do not expect that to happen since I average around 12 comments per a post, but wouldn't that totally rock if it DID!!!


Can we do it!?!
I want to try don't you?

So tell ALL your friends to come on down and leave a comment right here on this post and they too will be entered in to win

Lets do this for fun!

Lets do this cuz its my birthday!

Lets do this because, at least for now, it is still a free country.

Lets do this because I am feeling like having a bit of fun and you all are benefiting from that!



Added at 1:35am on Saturday, May 16th

So I tell My Love all about my plans for my giveaway and my goal to reach 200 comments and ya know what he says. "200!?! You've never even reached 50!"

:-( Yeah, thanks, I'm aware of that, nice of you to point it out though :-p

Well, how about it my friends and giveaway junkies... are you ready to help me squash the bejeebers out of My Love's doubts? Please feel free to mention my giveaway on your blog... its totally not required and there are no extra entries for doing so, but it may boost my number of comments and then I can rub it in My Love's face... er... I mean show him I can do anything I set my mind to.

BTW I did my grocery shopping tonight and picked up a few surprises for the winners...



Added at 4:06 on Sunday, May 17th

WOW!!! Look at you all go! I am already up to 93 comments! SWEET! I never really thought I could get to 200 but now I am thinking HOT DOG I may have a chance. After all, we have until May 31st. Of course if I reach 300 comments then that means another prize for the 300th commenter. I love seeing some of your creative ways to post. You crack me up. HA!

Again, if you want to mention my giveaway on your blog that would be just fine and dandy. I'm not trying to get new followers, I don't want to be queen of blogland, I am just out for a bit o' fun. Just trying to do a bit of paying it forward so to speak. I have been blessed so I want to bless. Put a smile on one or two...or five of your faces ;-) Besides we should get some newbies in here to pull some of the weight of reaching MY goal of getting 200 comments (or more) on one post which has nothing to do with anything really. ;-)

OH! And congrats to Robin at Be Still and Know for being the first prize winner with comment #21.

It can happen to you too. :-D


Added at 11:24 pm on Monday, May 18th


You did it! You helped me reach 100 comments.

You guys (and by that I mean girls) ROCK!


Congrats to Skoots1mom for being commenter #100!!!

Yay for you! :-D

See, you don't have to be one of those crazys who leave 50 one word comments to win ;-)

And I CAN call you crazys because it takes one to know one HA!?!

On to 200!

Can we do it?

Yes we can!!!


Added at 11:49 pm on Tuesday, May 19th

So I thought I would just clarify a few things for my own sake as well as yours because this post is a crazy read.

1. My birthday has not happened yet. I appreciate all the belated Bday wishes though. The actual day I turn 33 (I know, I'm a baby) is the 21st of May... hence the reason the person who left the 21st comment wins a prize.

2. Only comments on this post count as entries, but you are welcome to post all you want on my other posts ;-)

3. May 31st is the last day to comment. I will do one random drawing of all the entries including previous prize winners. Then I will do another random drawing of those who have not won anything. YAY!

4. I will announce the winners on Wednesday, June 3rd.

5. I may throw a few more prizes out there... because I'm crazy like that :-p

I have been picking out things here and there for prizes. There is some chocolate there are a few garden knick knacks, a useful item or two. Really I won't know exactly what you have won until you win it, LOL. Kind of exciting huh?

I think that is all I had to say... Keep commenting, keep telling your cyber friends to stop by... 200 cometh!


Added at 11:58pm Thursday, May 20th

I don't care what you say... its true... there is no denying it... I'm a dork :-p

Now before you try to disagree let me tell you that I went all day being depressed because there were no new comments on my giveaway postipoo :-(

I was sad and dismayed and feeling a little abandoned.

Pathetic I know, but my life is so small. ;-)

I was even more shocked to log on a few minutes ago only to find the number of comments unchanged from this morning.

Then I went to my dashboard... and... a note was waiting for me...

You have 5 new comments waiting to be moderated.

I forgot that this post is aging (LOL, just like me) and I have comment moderation on for posts over 5 days old (ya know, so I don't miss anything nice you have to say about me).

So thanks for not abandoning me (I'm so fragile *sniff*)... (rolling eyes) and thanks for putting in your two cents toward 200 comments.

Don't let my dorkiness dissuade you from reaching our goal! Comment away and I'll be by to publish them ASAP!


Added at 12:12am on Friday, May 22nd

I had a great birthday... thats it.

OH. FYI... you don't have to scroll over all the comments. Over the first comment there is a little underlined note which reads "Jump to comment form". Click it and ZAPPO there's the little box ;-)


Added at 10:45pm on Saturday, May 23rd

I. Am. Tired. I worked tonight. Not for very long. Three and a half hours. But at the end of the day... even Saturday... it wiped me out. I smell like pizza. You would think that was a good thing. They acted as though I have worked ther for months. I had only actually worked there two hours. I did OK considering I was thrown into the dinner rush on my second day. I'm not complaining, just stating the facts.

Also signed James up for soccer today. He needs to run. and run. and run. The boy has a lot of energy. It needs to be focused.

Kiah and James have both had their training wheels removed from their bikes. They are doing well. Kiah is getting more brave by the day but James is taking to it a little slower than I expected. Now all I have to do is get Marli potty trained and we'll be all ready for family camp in July.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. God Bless!


Added at 11:05am on Monday. May 25th

We are almost there and just six days to go. At last check there were 175 comments.


Happy Memorial Day!

God Bless America!


Added at 12:03am on Tuesday, May 26th

Well, you did it! You helped me reach over

200 comments on one post.

Who was the 200th commenter???

Congratulations DaNella @ Beyond Microbursts!

You earned it! LOL!

So now that we are at 206 comments (and counting) and still have five days to go, I just have one little question...

Who will be commenter 300?


Added at 12:58am on May 29th

Thank you to all my faithful participants. You still have three days to enter... sure hope the prizes I come up with are worth it.

Maybe if we reach 300 I will add a bonus to each prize winners package.

And of course comment 300 will win a prize.


Are you having fun yet?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

SICK, AI, and Watch Me Wednesday

Oh when, When, dear reader did it become acceptable to be blatantly rude!?! I'm not talking about a bad attitude, that is a whole different post, I'm talking about general table manners... EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT AT THE TABLE.

So what, you ask, has my undies in a bunch?

Let me start by saying that I put in my time as a grocery store bagger. I enjoyed it, I was GOOD at it. I talked politely to the customer, I made them feel appreciated even if they were just buying a pack of gum. If they were upset (in regards to their shopping experience) I did everything within my power to make it right. I would help them cheerfully to their car and I would certainly have NEVER belched in their ear or hocked a lunger as I retreated back to the store. Which is exactly what the bagger who "helped" me to my car did tonight!

I kid you not. I had only two bags and would have refused help out had he offered but I was INFORMED that he WILL be helping me out tonight.

OOOOOoooookaaaaaay >:-[

So I unlocked the passenger side door I told the bagger to put my two very light bags on the floor of the car. As he leaned over to put them down...



No "excuse me"... no "oops"... no "sorry"... just "have a good one".

Really? Ya think? I suppose I should be thankful that it was from the attic and not the basement. SHEESH! Then...

THEN... to top it all off as he is strutting back to the store he snorts, hacks, then hocks a loogie not ten feet from me.

HELLO!!! Did they teach you that in the baggers class of how NOT to have class!?!

I can appreciate a good bout of well placed bathroom humor just as much as the next person but this was a completely oblivous assalt to my senses.

BAGBOY, I would like to speak to your mother please.


So, do you watch American Idol? If you don't thats ok with me. I am a closet watcher myself... well, sort of, well ok... not at all. This season I have been rooting for Adam from the beginning but I grow weary of THE NOTE which always inevitably includes a closeup of the boys tongue. Enough, right? Sing one song without THE NOTE.

ADAM, please, just one.

That being said I would not be terribly upset if the boy was not in the finale. He will be tremendously successful either way. Not that I will be buying his album. I am a big sissy when it comes to music.

Tonight I was not impressed with Adam nor the presence of THE NOTE in both songs he sang. Can't you sing one song without THE NOTE.

ADAM, please, just one.

Kris was OK tonight. I have never been a fan of his and I find myself being shocked that he made it this far. I did like his first performance of "Appologize" better than his second song... uh... which I was so enthralled by that I can't even remember the title. I even went back and watched it again to see what the judges were raving about. Nothing.

I loved Danny's rendition of "You Are So Beautiful". It is one of my favorite songs anyway and I thought he changed it up just right to showcase his capable pipes. However, I was unimpressed by his first song. I was not familiar with it and could have thought of a hundred songs I would have rather heard him sing, PAULA!

The results will be interesting. I am excited to see who the top two will be. And saddened because this season of AI is nearly over :-( Now what will I do with that extra hour every Tuesday?


Watch Me Wednesday

I am a cat person. I love my kitties. I lay my head on their bellies as they sleep on my bed. The soft purr they emit acts as a much needed tranquilizer. I stroke their back as I walk past them sleeping on the couch. I skritch their ears as they sleep on my face at night. They sleep ... a lot. And yes, I get jealous. So to pay them back for flaunting their life of leisure in my face, I torture them... just a little. I know they love it because they always come back for more.

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Dear Mom,
Just in case you happen to check my blog today I want to say Thank You. I appreciate you so much. Your helpful hands, your caring heart, your words of wisdom, your love for your grandkids all make up the gift God gave us in you. I would not be able to do it with out your help and input... at least not mentally stable. You are a solace for this adult deprived mommy. Thank you for being an involved and compitant mother and grandmother. I love you.

That being said...

It kills you to see them grow up. But I guess it would kill you quicker if they didn't. ~Barbara Kingsolver, Animal Dreams (this is exactly what I'm thinking when those cute little old ladies in line at the grocery store say,"enjoy it they grow up fast." THERE IS A REASON FOR THAT!)

Insanity is hereditary; you get it from your children. ~Sam Levenson (That and vericose veins, gray hair, and a sore back)

The one thing children wear out faster than shoes is parents. ~John J. Plomp (Usually within one hour of all the kids being awake... I'm ready for bed.)


Happy Mother's Day!

Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward. Psa 127:3

So after church my schedule is wide open. Which means I will probably have my duff planted in the recliner with my laptop open, trying desperately to catch up on my Project 365.

AND YES... that is exactly what I WANT to be doing.

Then later I have been promised a night off from cooking... which actually happens more often than it should but I'm not one to bring up the obvious. Anyway, my night off will probably involve Subway sandwiches eaten either at home or at a park where the kids can run free and DADDY can chase them whilst I doze under a tree.

What are your plans?