Friday, January 02, 2009

Welcome 2009

Starting the new year out a day late and a dollar short... YES! My first resolution accomplished. Ya know #8 ... Don't sweat the small stuff. :-p

Hmmm... Lets find a new word for resolution... Googling...

... New Years... propositions? No, I WILL NOT proposition myself... I have my dignity.

... New Years ... resolves? Nah, too cleany.

New Years... aims... ??? Golly (yah, I say, renaming resolutions is tougher than I thought it would be. Perhaps I should go less ... um... something.

Here are my 2009 New Years but really just a day later than yesterday declarations that I came up with while contemplating what I didn't accomplish last year and would like to accomplish this year all while finishing off a container of spinach dip with a loaf of stale, cubed sourdough bread.

#1 Read the Bible everyday (the grown up version... the one not written for children :-0).

#2 Pray more.

#3 Start doing my own devotionals again.

#4 Get up before the kids so I can accomplish #1-3 (currently I get up with them, and its just not working).

#5 Be more patient and compassionate.

#6 Kill the TV.

#7 Spend less time avoiding the kids (all you mommies know what I mean... I think).

#8 Don't sweat the small stuff (like today when I screamed at Kiah about a playdoh lid ...dumb... its just playdoh).

#9 Create a more formal school schedule (more for my own benefit than the kids).

#10 Lose weight. Exercise. Eat healthier.

So #10 (and perhaps a few others) is a little cliche. However, it is necessary. I have started a new blog called DIE with a T and it will be about my journey to a better body. I didn't want to bog down my fun and frilly blog here with all the boring details of my efforts to lose weight... see, then if you are really interested you can check it out... if not, forget I ever mentioned it.

So there you have it ...

Happy New Year!


Andi said...

Oh, Becky...I have to make daily resolves...that I can barely keep. I've given up on YEARLY declarations....but your goals sound remarkably similar to mine!

beckyjomama said...

I love your list - gonna have to make my own ... maybe tat will be mine.


a corgi said...

all great resolutions and doable!! I like the kill the TV one; definitely a good thing to do!!

I understand the avoid the kids one; enjoy their time, I know you hear it a lot from older moms (my kids are 19/23) but the time does go by sooooo fast!

Happy new year to you and yours!


Mel said...

Becky those are great!!! I am right there with ya on many of them!!!

Kate in NJ said...

I so hear yah.Your Golly made me chuckle, my Mom always said it too.
I should probably replace a few choice words of my own with it. :-0

Good luck with your healthy living.

Dena @ Green Acres said...

Love your list - and LOVE the title of your list. :)

Off to check out your other blog.

Tabi said...

Love your goals!! I think my should be all nearly the same. Love your weight loss keep ya going and you can trade info with other people like me who need to lose weight!!

JnL4God said...

Sounds like great ones to me. I'm doing the Die with a T, also so I will go check that out now. :0)
Happy New Year.
PS you can do the reading thing it's no pressure.

Sandy Toes said...

I am trying to eat healthier too! It's so hard when food is so yummy! Cucumbers are so boring!
-sandy toes

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Hey! My list has some of the same things...

Happy New Year!


DaNella Auten said...

I never avoid my kids... (ouch, lightening just struck my butt...)

kelliebean said...

Can I cut-n-paste your list to my blog? :D

Julie said...

Look at all of the goodies I have been missing by not having time to blog! I can't wait to check out this new one. I have a few unwelcome lbs. that need to be shown the door this year!

BiblesGuns&Lipstick said...

Terrific site!