Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Writer's Workshop

The Prompts:

1.) Interview a child.

2.) How do you stave off boredom?

3.) Write a poem for the little boy in your life.

4.) Describe a memorable interview or talk about your experience trying to find a job amidst this recession.

5.) Create a Help Wanted Ad.

My Boy James

In any room you are the scene,
loud and proud lover of green,
a t-rex a croc or a bat today,
there is no limit to your boyhood play.

Questions from you unlimited flow,
boggle the mom but you simply must know,
curiosity killed the cat, "Is that true?"
It applies to the whiskered, but of course not to you.

The outdoors are yours you are king of the hill,
Owies and scars on your knees from the thrill,
Frogs, a lizard, a snake and a snail,
are toted along in your play dented pail.

And when the adventure of the day does end,
to the dreamship with a kiss on your cheek I do send,
"Mommy will you lay here and sing to me,
rub my tummy and cuddle for a minute or three?"

Another side to you that is rarely seen,
which comes out at bedtime when you're ready to dream.
Blue shining eyes soften and ready to close,
"I love my mommy." and then off you doze.

And since I forgot to post this ON Father's Day I will do so now. I know some of you have been waiting on pins and needles (don't you know thats dangerous!?!) to see how it came out.

To the other boy in my life
you are the best!
I love you My Love!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Pinkalicious Day! ~ Wordful Wednesday

"Mommy, when you are home to work will you bring pinks for making cupcake stuffs. And make sure you bring da cherries for the tops."

How can a mommy resist such a request? Especially when it comes from a freckle faced cutie like this.

Here is the book that started it all.
Written by Victoria Kann and illustrated by Elizabeth Kann.


So for no particular reason at all we set out to make today pinkalicious.

Eden played the part of Pinkerbelle. LOL!

Vanilla icing, vanilla cake, a few drops of red food dye and pink sprinkles... TAH DAH!

Is that Pinkerella?

Today was pool day at a friends house so we took our pinkcakes to share.

"Am I going to really wake up pink Mommy?"
(that is what happens to the main character in the book)

I smirked and answered, "Perhaps, after all, you
did eat A LOT of pinkalicious pinkcakes."

Eden, now wide eyed, "Cool."

Well, I thought to myself, it
could happen. I DID forget sunblock on their arms. :-/ Please no lectures. I remembered everywhere else and the pool was in the shade :-)

Thus ends this pinkorama.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Little Posty

I just found a nice giveaway over here at MY SWEET SAVANNAH with super classy prizes. I'm gonna enter. Yup I is.

Evidently I find myself in an odd mood. I'm tired from work (making pizza is hard, wah) and unmotivated at home. Obviously I am unable to kick start my thought life as well because my blog has been sitting idle for so long that the comments are being moderated. I have it set for posts over five days old just in case someone reads back.

Why would someone read back??? Maybe to find out if I have always been so funny/weird/esoteric/boring/slakerly/smelly/quirky... you may pick your own adjective.

I have thought of a few posts to write but none of them have happened.

Saw UP. Liked it. A lot. Took the kids. They liked it. A lot.

Saw Star Trek. Liked it. No kids. Liked that. A lot. ;-)

Have you tried that whipped cream cheese? Its da bomb! If you like cream cheese you must try it whipped. Its so soft you can dip your crker right in and it won't break. It spreads super nice as well for those of you who would never dip anything into a container meant for public usage.

My kids eat dirt, see, it could be worse.

I get to work tonight and I get paid. Yay! The job is going well even though my very not a teenagers body doth protest. I still haven't memorized all the toppings and probably messed up once too often, but I'm getting there. They actually had to dump a pizza last night because I put the wrong meat on it. Woopsie. My Bad.

I think my brain is emptied for now. Until I hit publish. As it is I have been staring out the window for five minutes trying to think of something else to say.

Pathetic :-p And I mean that in a very self loving affectionate way.

Saturday, June 06, 2009


It is so quiet here right now. Here being home. My parents are finally back from a month long road trip and they invited Kiah and James over to play with their new puppy... a miniature dappled dachshund. Her name is Daisy and she is about the size of one of Mo's paws. Mo is their lab mix... he is BIG. Pictures are necessary for full comedic impact of that pair but they will be shown at another time.

Anyway, my other two lovelies are napping. I wore them out at the thrift stores this afternoon. My Love is home but also napping. He has kid duty tonight and so must be fully rested. I am working tonight. 5-10 doing something that will probably make me sore. I did not realize that making pizza was such a workout but I have come home after each shift very sore and exhausted. But being a mom I recover quickly.

Next week end I will be busy busy busy! I work 6-11 thurs, fri, and sat and I'm doing a yard sale. I LOVE having yard sales. Its a great way to get grown ups to come to my house. I usually have water or lemonade available and popsicles or lollipops to give to kids. What doesn't sell will most likely be going to the thrift stores where I can make regular visits to it until someone gives it a home.

I have completely enjoyed doing this last giveaway. Stuff like that is so fun for me. I'm a giver. When I'm out shopping around I see little trinkets (ok sometimes secondhand junk, lol) at thrift stores or garage sales that reminds me of someone, and I want to get it for them. Usually I refrain because, having done so before, I have found that the thought of getting stuff from the thrift store makes some of my pals naseous. I don't get that. I'm all into second hand stuff. I love thrift stores, garage sale, yard sales, *drool* ...

I thought I would do give aways a little more often... smaller ones, using some of the great finds I come upon. After my yard sale I will set aside any of the nicer stuff and do giveaways for it here. Hmmmm... I'm just wondering if it would work. It would sort of be like a thrift store but you don't pay, you just enter a drawing to win my junk. Would any of you be into that? Maybe in a new blog by itself. I'll have to work out the details... Free Stuff Friday is kinda catchy ;-)

I suppose that is enough rambling for one post and I want to hop in the shower before work.

OH! To all my giveaway winners I'll be going to the post office Mon or tues to ship your stuff. Thanks again for playing!

Robin, I got your email, we're good to go.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Giveaway Results Watch Me Wednesday Style

The results are in and...

I love you!


I mean, I thank you all so much for entertaining and humoring me for the past couple of weeks. I definitely needed the escape from reality today. It was just hectic and I have no one to blame but myself.

I started the day out by forcing the kids to work on a Father's Day project only to realize that Father's Day is still actually over two weeks away.

Wish I had realized that before
I had made them cry.

Then I had snacks to make for a hundred plus highschoolers who go to Campus Life. And, of course, I procrastinated until the last minute on tallying and preparing your comments for the drawing. Shame on me.

Then there was just life in general which today involved convincing a 2yo. to use a potty instead of the floor, an overly loud/whiny five yo. boy who stayed up waaaaaaay to late, a sweet but sneaky pair of blonds who wanted everything I have said no to in the last month, and PMS.

So if you find a bite out of any chocolate that you may have won, now you know why.

Despite all of the above I did get it all done and below you will find a revealing video *snicker*

I do apologize for the length of the video. and if you do not have a fast connection then I suggest you just skip it and scroll down to where I actually typed out all the information you are looking for. My video "clip" turned out to be eight minutes. EIGHT MINUTES!!! Which wouldn't be so bad if I actually had something to say.

I also found out some things about myself from the making and viewing of this results video:

1. I should always, ALWAYS be scripted when on camera. ALWAYS.

2. I'm a bit bizarre. Perhaps that is what draws some of you back... its hard to bear but yet you can't look away. LOL.

3. I lather/rinse/repeat as in overkill. In fact, after My Love helped me film he said, "you're gonna have to change your blog name to Ramblings of a Mom."

Perhaps, but I don't want to be obvious. :-p

4. I like to wear My Love's shirts. I guess I could have changed into some of my own clothes for the sake of appearances but I was keepin' it real ya know... yeah... thats it. At least I had a bra on. I know TMI.

5. I crack myself up.


Apparently we don't own a computer with the capability to upload an 8 minute video :-(

Why didn't I just edit the post so there wasn't all this build up and then a big let down!?!?!?!?!

Because I'm a little lazy like that ;-)

I'll just include a copy of it for you winners... maybe someday I'll get it to post... until then, read on for the winners.

Congratulations to...

Robin @ Be Still and Know - 21st commenter

Skoots1mom @ My Hands His Glory - 100th commenter

DaNella @ Beyond Microbursts - 200th commenter (and for most comments)

Saundra @ Italian Mama Gone Crazy - 1st random drawing winner

You have all won this...

And Danella gets this bonus.


Laura~Peach @ Silence is Broken - 2nd random drawing (must be a nonwinner) winner gets this...

There may be a little something extra thrown in with all those for good measure too.


Don't be surprised if you don't see me for a few days because I may be passed out on the floor and the kids will be using me as a TV pillow.

I'm just saying ;-)

Now all of you winners need to send me your mailing address so I can get you your prize and pay it forward. My email is...

gbhadley @ yahoo . com

With no spaces of course ;-)

Monday, June 01, 2009

All Good Things...

... must come to an end.

The giveaway entry period
is officially closed.

Thank you SOOOO much to all my faithful readers and a few new comers for making my dream come true. OK, so it was a small dream, but a dream nonetheless. Not only did you help me reach my goal of 200 comments on one post you surpassed it.


You Rock!

I will be officially announcing the winners on Wednesday, June 3rd.

The prizes??????????

I have a small collection of items to sort through and still more shopping to do. If I know you well enough I may pick out something extra special just for you. i hope what I have so far is worth all your effort.

Thanks again :-D

Now off I go to tally comments
and find a hat ;-)

To see my Project 365
scroll down or click