Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mr. Amazing

I am married to the most perfect man in the world! Not only does he provide for his growing family by putting in 70 hours a week at a thankless job (you like that, My Love?!) , but he also does more around the house than I ever request of him to do. he takes out the trash. He fixed the dryer, saving us the expense of a knew one. He fixed the vacuum without needing to be told (he even uses it on a semi-regular basis when I fall behind). He cuts and splits all our wood for the winter. He jerry-rigged a cleaning device for the dish so I could watch American Idol while it was snowing (our dish is on the roof, much out of my reach). He detailed the interior of our minivan, and might I say he did a fantastic job. I haven't found one spare goldfish cracker since. He cleans up after all the animals in the house even those of a humanoid nature. When he is home I never have to change a poopy Pamper.

I could spend hours listing all the handyman work he does around and in the house but I digress. The most important reason that My Love is the most perfect man in the world is because he makes me feel as if I am the most perfect woman in the world. He feeds me an endless melody of compliments and I love yous, and even though he is dog-tired at the end of the day he makes sure I get a break from the kids. Even if it is only for five minutes. When ever we go out he opens doors for me, pulls out my chair, and escorts me to my side of the car. He is protective and chivalrous and has never said one negative thing about me or to me (that I can remember). I am the most important person in his life and that is what I love about him most.

Now he has started talking about opening his own business, which makes me nervous. Even though his job is thankless, it does provide benefits and a steady paycheck. However, he has every confidence in the world that he could be successful on his own and I have every confidence in him that he can do whatever he puts his mind to. After all, if you can fix household appliances without using the instruction manuals then you can do anything! I think I'll be doing my part by praying like crazy.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Privacy, Please.

So, privacy and personal space is a big deal to me. I am not a real touchy feely person. I hate crying in front of people which often keeps me from reading scripture, prayers, hymns or spiritual thoughts out loud. Inevitably, when I do any of these I begin to blubber uncontrollably and I am not one of those talented types who can talk and cry at the same time.

Anyway, I am not big on sharing personal info. My husband, on the other hand (hi, My Love), doesn't seem to mind. When he found out I had started a blog he says, "Ya know what's cool? Now you can post pictures of the kids and the new baby and our family and friends can see them whenever they want." PANIC - PANIC! First of all, the thought of complete strangers being able to look at pictures of our kids makes me feel icky, and second, I didn't realize that people I know might be reading this! I don't know what I thought...perhaps strangers from another galaxy would begin reading my blog so there would be no danger of discussing my entries face to face. It didn't occur to me that people I know would be reading this or wanting to discuss something I wrote. Oh, the pain and anguish of accountability!

Not that the things I write are going to be off color in any sense of the phrase, but when I write I am in a completely different zone. Writing, for me, utilizes a totally different part of my brain that isn't always available in face to face combat situations. When writing I feel as if I am in complete control of myself. I do not stutter or repeat or make snarky comments that no one gets...ok, maybe I do that last one when I write, but at least I don't have to see the blank stares and hear the courtesy laughs.

I guess the real issue is that I have a fear of being a big, fat, hypocrite and not knowing it. Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise to know that if anyone reads this it will most likely be someone I know. Be gentle. I am still trying to figure out what I want to do here.

Monday, April 17, 2006

A Random Intro

Resurrection Day! What a great day to start something new and life giving. What is this little blog of mine giving life to you ask? Why, to my Christian walk, my dreams, my personality, my individuality, my sanity for crying out loud! Before it all slips away into obscurity and gets buried beneath a pile of smelly Pampers.

My dream is to have an 'audience' of people who visit my blog regularly and are actually entertained by what they read. My husband says this is a perfect outlet for me to write without the pressure of having to actually say anything. I'm sure he will be my biggest fan (After all, he already is). I feel like writing is my native tongue. I like myself better on paper (or screen, as the case may be). I can form my thoughts, write them, edit them, re-edit them, and re-edit them. I tend to be a perfectionist in some areas.

What can a mother of three, with one on the way, possibly have to say that anyone would want to read? I don't know, that is a good question. One thing I am sure of is that I have a lot of random thoughts that I simply need to get out of my head. As it is I find it difficult to hold a conversation and complete a coherent sentence because everything has been pent up so long that it all tries to come out at once. Anyway, I'm hoping that at least a fraction of these thoughts will be valuable to someone. If not at least I can go back and read them and see what in the world I was thinking.

I can guarantee that the majority of my random thoughts are not political. My Knowledge of politics is minimal and shallow at best and consists of what I hear on the news, read in the comics, and listen to my husband rant about (no offense, My Love). However, I do have a close friend who is very knowledgeable and keeps herself very well informed and involved. She lets me know what is going on and why it should interest me. Why does she hang with me if I can't talk politics? Well, I think it has to do with a love of God, life, and gardening...among other things I'm sure.

Okay, Lets get random.

  • I love God.
  • I love my husband.
  • I love my kids.
  • I am not a desperate housewife, although, I am a house wife and occasionally I get desperate.
  • I am alone most of the day with my three kids, the oldest of which is four.
  • I home school.
  • I didn't get to take a nap today because I was working on this blog.

Eek!!! What have I Done?

I'm going to be cranky tomorrow. All I was trying to do was leave a comment on a friends blog (thanks a lot Skretch GO!...Hey, I have to blame someone.) and now, here I am, a new, proud owner of a blog I don't want.

What do I do with it?

I like romantic dinners, movies, and long walks on the beach...Oh wait, thats something different.

Hmmm...I'm sure I'll figure this out. It's too late to be creative now...or maybe its just too early.