Monday, January 05, 2009

Why Random

Why do grumpy old ladies who hate children open up consignment shops for kids clothing and accessories?

Will putting Rogain on my tires keep them from going bald?

When I grow up I will wear a bluetooth whenever I am in public so I can talk to myself and no one will know I'm just crazy.


Sandy Toes said...

I always wonder why have "crabby" "grouchy" lady is a librarian..I have never come across one that is pleasant!
-sandy toes

Jessica said...

I think that tire is WAY past any help!

Kate in NJ said...

1. Good question. I have always thought they wish to be where children are to ensure no little one has a nice day.
S.T.- We only have one grumpy children's librarian at our library..the others are very sweet.;-)
2. I don't think anything can help that tire, except maybe spray piabt it and fill it with sand.;-)
3. Good idea!! I'm getting one too!

Mel said...

Love the why's!!

a corgi said...

these were cute!! and my own why, why am I spending time reading journals when I should be washing the kitchen floor?


kelliebean said...

I love that crazy cat lady! :)

Ruth MacC said...

Thats just so funny!

ruth said...

That bluetooth idea is BRILLIANT. I was always glad to have a baby in the cart at the grocery store, so I could talk to myself and people would assume I was talking to the baby. Or, maybe I really WAS asking the baby what I had forgotten and where the worchestershire sauce would be found. Now I am all out of babies--the youngest is 5'11" now. So unless I can talk them into going to the store with me, I guess I'm going to have to hijack my husband's bluetooth.