Monday, June 14, 2010

What is This?!

**crawling in with my tail between my legs like a dog who finally responds after you have been calling for 15 minutes (or in my case, 8 months)**


So, just where have I been? In a word...

Seriously. I really only have time for one addiction and the instant gratification of FB is overwhelmingly powerful. AND THEY HAVE GAMES!

For a long time I was caught under the sea in FishWorld but now I have surfaced on a deserted isle in Island Paradise. *sigh* I know, I'm pitiful.

Really. The login page should just be a giant, flashing warning from the
Surgeon General.


Using this site may cause extreme emotional connections which are not easily broken. User may become dependent on the opinions of people whom they have never met. Those who use this site may experience a withdrawal from other more productive activities and/or websites. Also, one may develop an overwhelming urge to create for oneself a cyber life involving crops, cafes, fish, barns, pets, tikis, cities, plantations or mob connections which have no real bearing on ones real existence whatsoever.

** turning away my face in shame **


Facebook also has live chat! Its like talking on the phone but you are typing... You know about this right?! I can hold a conversation with someone with out them hearing my kids screaming in the background. AMAZING!!!

I am not dissin' the F to the B... it has its purpose in the grand scheme of cyber things. However, it is time consuming and, at least for me, has become a great diversion away from the only journal I have been successful at keeping up for more than a week. And, since I have been gone from the blogosphere for about eight months I will endeavor to spend the next few posts catching up on what I failed to journal about. Hopefully, for your sake, if you choose to partake, I will pull off being mildly entertaining in the process.

Oh, oh, oh... By the way, I would like to give a shout out to those of you who continuously nagged... er... gently questioned when I would return to blogging. Kellie, DaNella, Linda, Andi, Becky, Laura, Tabi and a few others... you know who you are. Thank you for missing me and my humble blog. It is, in essence, my first cyber love/addiction (even before the AI boards). You, gentle readers, were my first emotional connections , and yours were the first opinions I became dependent on. I missed you too.

I'm back :-D