Friday, January 16, 2009

American Idull S8, Mug Me, and Other Unrelated Topics

What can I say that hasn't already been said about the Ryan Seacrest showcase. I am trying not to get emotionally involved because I'm not sure we are going to keep our dish service and without it we will have no TV. I have thought about the the pros and cons of not having this link to the real world but what it comes down to is $$$.

The only shows we really care about (besides news and sports, both of which can be read... remember the newspaper?) are The Office and American Idol.

The Office can be rented and is actually preferred that way since it would be without commercials or week long cliff hangers.

American Idol, on the other hand, I haven't seen for rent. Besides, if you know who won would you really want to watch all those shows? Not me. I must admit that the audition shows were a little less painful to watch so far. there seems to be more of a balance between the good, the bad, and the ugly. :-p

To get to the end of this season of television (until May) it will cost us $120 +. To rent S5 of The Office will be around $20. Of course if we get someone to tape them for us the cost would be $1.07. The cost of a VHS tape from the Dollar Tree.


I had a thought about mugs today. Once upon a time I was a hard core trekkie. You are welcome to love that fact about me if you so please. Star Trek: The Next Generation was my obsession for at least three years, and it was all Lt. Commander Data's fault. Nowadays, though, I rarely have time to watch it let alone obsess over it and lets just be honest, marriage cures a lot of things like having too much time to yourself.

Anyway, I remembered that once upon a time I had owned a few Star Trek mugs. There are a couple in this pic, which ARE NOT UGLY (Thank you very much Sandy Toes ;-) ), but I had two others that may have qualified. One was a bust of Data, which I treasured and don't know why I ever got rid of, and the other was of Dr. Beverly Crusher which I don't know why I owned in the first place since I couldn't stand her. I thought I still had the latter still tucked away in a garage sale box but, alas, I could not find her. Too bad because she would have been a shoe in.

One of these days I will have to post the video of my room back in the Trekkie Becky days... you will be shocked and awed... Hmmm.... maybe not. I would like to keep what few readers I have.


My Love is kickin' my patootie with this weight loss thing... You can read about it here.


My Christmas tree is still up. Is anyone else's? I thought I might be motivated to get it put away tonight but I got to blogging and ... well... you know the rest. I don't feel too guilty though. I did do the dishes, fold all the laundry, declutter the floor, bathe the kids, pack My Love's lunch, cleaned up our room, and helped Kiah work on a pres ant for Grandma.

The tree can wait.


Oops... I almost forgot to post my new (made up) word of the week.

Lindonian: adv. Of, or being like, in words or action, Linda @ 2nd cup of coffee.

Wearing a tree skirt around your neck would be a very lindonian thing to do but she would Ken Lee you for it. ;-)

See, now I'm just pickin' on ya.


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh, Trekkie Becky, can you possibly get any better with each post? And not just because you immortialized me with my own strange adjective, which, of course, I gladly accept a la Sally Field, but because you are fun-ny. Probably a good thing we can meet up in real life, or your tree would need sparklers and flags.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I meant that we CAN'T meet up, which actually makes that sentence make sense.

Dena said...

According to my college daughters, you can supposedly watch tv shows online. I don't know if that's the case with all of them, but since one has an evening class on a night that has a show she likes, she watches it afterwards on her computer. Something you could check out, and it's even a better bargain that the $1.07 since it's free(I LOVE me a good bargain!).

Love your new word. Lindonian will end up in Websters some day. I'm sure of it.

Dena said...

Oh, by the way, I wanted to also say that I love your new header. That picture is just too cute!

The Ties that Bind Us said...

I LOVE the office!!! Try Netflix for renting them....Your blog is great!

Greg C said...

I can live without my TV If I had to but I don't think my family would survive. I am searching for an ugly mug too but so far no luck.

Kate in NJ said...

I have been trying to get rid of the tv, but I have lost the battle..
if not the war. lol
Our tree just came down..I needed the room in my living room. ;-)

Life with Kaishon said...

I just prayed about your tv. I know it is something little, but I think you might need it to help with sanity! Big hug to you today Becky!

Great new blog header! Cute to the max!

Andi said...

Becky you were a TREKKIE!!! And you think you know someone.....

farmlady said...

Love the new blog look.
Save ALL those Trekkie mugs; they will be worth a lot of money in a few years.

I love the new blog look. Always use your children. It's just so cute and we can watch them grow.

Sandy Toes said...

OH..I feel bad..wasn't trying to hurt your feelings!!! It's just when I think of drinking tea..I don't think "trek":)!!! Sorry! I feel bad!
-sandy toe

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Tree coming down tomorrow...and the rest of the decorations will be boxed as well (they are currently stacked on my kitchen table, thanks to hubby).

Felt it was about time seeing how it's already the middle of January!

And we have 2 TVs in our home....(3but grandson no. 1 is currently using it at his home)so, one for hubby and one for me! We would be crazy without tvs!!

Julie said...

I have watched all of five minutes of the new season of American Idull. Admittedly, I have never liked this portion of the show, but still... somehow it has lost it's glitter for me.

So, I say, ditch the TV. I would if I could, but my husband has a little bit of an ESPN habit. :)