Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Morning After

So the actual morning after the sleep over was Thursday.

I survived.

I dropped off the last friend around 2pm after Space Chimps, breakfast, beading, snacking, whining, a quick lunch and a stop at the park.

Kiah didn't want it to end. She rode home with her hand pressed longingly against the window fruitlessly grasping at moments passed, blubbering uncontrollably.

It was ... it was... well, it was pitiful. She sees these friends about twice a week so I have a sneaky suspicion that she was not going through friendship withdraws but sugar/sleep withdraws.

She even wandered out of her room after bedtime to tearfully inform me that she misses her friends and can't stop thinking about them.


Oh to be seven.

I can't believe we are into the weekend. At least the beginnings of it. I feel the need for some major thrift store therapy but time on the weekends is divided between ministries, momming, work, and catching up with everything I should have been getting done during the week. Lately any time I get to thrift shop seems to be right before the store closes and I hate rushing my thift store experiences. Its like going in for a full spa treament only to have them send you home without getting your shoes off.

For now I'm going to settle for a dose of Seinfeld and some much needed pillow therapy. I hope to someday have time to catch up on my posts and catch up with you.

Have a blessed weekend.

What Was I Thinking

It started innocently enough. Kiah wanted to have a slumber party. I knew what to expect but did that stop me? NooooOOOOoooo.

After taking part in a massive kid swap we arrived home around 6:30. Giggling ensued. I prepared dinner while the girls terrorized anything that stood still long enough (ie, Booger, Flip, Mo, etc.). Then we ate... and ate, and ate, and...ATE! After dinner the girls had to earn their Eskimo pies by listening to a Bible story and answering a question correctly. They were all rewarded.

After dinner we decorated some sugar cookies and went for a walk/giggle fest/race that ended in more pet torture. The girls tried to eat the cookies but they only tasted as good as they looked. LOL!!!

Then there were crafts. They painted sun catchers. It was actually quiet for about three minutes before they finished and began revving up on their next sugar rush. I directed their energy around the couch, like any normal mother would, which resulted in a three girl pile-up.

Of course anytime we have kid friends over there are unceasing requests to hold the snakes. Candy is getting ready to shed so Mocha and Red were up. I had to laugh when the one girl who was requesting to hold the snakes the most was actually terrified of them, but only when they moved. At first she put Mocha bravely around her neck but as soon as Mocha turned to crawl back around she recieved her first flying lesson. HA! Not to worry, she was no worse for the wear. LOL! Our snakes have become accustomed to the squeezy hands of youngsters.

By this time the clock was racing toward 10pm so it was time to put the little girls to bed and let the big girls have the night to their 7-9 year old, grown up selves. G'nite Marli and Eden...sweet dreams.

I had been saving the movie Annie for a special occasion. Kiah had never seen it and to my shock neither had any of her friends. They were ENTHRALLED! I chuckled inside thinking about how hard I try to entertain and enlighted and sometimes I just need to regress. Who needs Hannah Montana... we have Annie. One girl did lament the fact that it was "singy dancing" movie but each time a song and dance came up they were glued to the screen.

After Annie was safe and sound with Daddy Warbucks it was time to hit the sack... and by sack I mean tent out in the front yard.

It took a few warnings and I had to threaten a few lives but they finally all quieted down, the giggling ceased and they all feel fast asleep around 12:30 am.

~deep breath~

The morning I'm sure will be filled with more giggling, crafts, sugar, nail polish, videos and cranky girls.

P.S. Please forgive me for being so sporadic in my posting and visiting. I always seem to be out of time or energy. What happened to all those lovely indoor winter days? HA! Hugs to all.