Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Lack of an Ugly Mug

And no I'm not talking about my beautiful face.

I am just trying to confirm the fact that I do not have an ugly mug to qualify for Linda's all to funny ugly mug contest. The poor girl is having trouble rounding up those willing to show... or even admit that they own an ugly, less than presentable mug. You know the one you shove to the back of the cupboard while looking for an appropriate vessel to serve coffee to a guest. The poor innocent blob of porcelain that will never make it to the mug rack. I honestly do not have one of these.

Here is a picture of every mug we own.

And while some of them may not be beautiful, even the plainest one is not ugly.

However, I think Linda has hinted that we may go shopping for this ugly mug if, in fact, we don't already have one. If that is the case I'm in! Now all I have to do is find an ugly mug by the 27th of this month... which sounds easy but it is already the 15th... WE ARE HALFWAY THROUGH JANUARY! Its almost Christmas!

Do I really want to spend time shopping for an ugly mug, pay money for it, invite it into my home only to ridicule it, then (in all likelihood) put it out in my next yard sale? YES!!! And you know why? Because I am addicted to Starbucks and there is a chance that I could win a $15 gift card, that's why.

See, my motives are pure. A $15 dollar Starbucks gift card would last me at least an hour... ok maybe 45 minutes. :-0

So if you have an ugly mug (in your cupboard) then head on over to Linda's @ 2nd cup of coffee and enter it into this sure to not be a flop of a contest. If you don't have a mug... get shopping!


Tabi said...

Your cracking me up...."it's almost Christmas!" Hahaha your funny, good luck in search of your ugly have a dollar tree where you live because they always have some ugly mugs!!

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

I'm like you...I don't have a mug I would classify as "ugly"....but even if I did, I probably would not have entered the contest because where we live we do not have a Starbucks!!! :(

I know...we are deprived!

Dena said...

I'm going to go shopping just like you. I have a couple of mugs with tacky sayings on them, but none that I'd call ugly. But then again, we don't drink coffe, so we just have mugs used over the years for cocoa.

LOL @ it's almost Christmas. Too funny!

Sandy Toes said... have some ugly that a star trek one back there??????
-sandy toe

farmlady said...

Funny post! I hope you find the "ugly" mug of your dreams. Good luck.

Greg C said...

I don't have an ugly mug either but I never thought about going out and buying one. I think I know just where to get one and really cheap. Thanks for the idea and yes you have some nice looking mugs.

kelliebean said...

Do I spy a Texas mug in there?! Oh, yeah, that's my favorite one...far from ugly! :)

a corgi said...

what a cute contest she's doing!! dang! I got rid of all of our ugly mugs with all our different moves; who would have known?

I liked your assortment of mugs! very colorful!


April said...

I have quite a collection, too! Have a super day!

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

I thought I had a lot of mix and match mugs, but I do believe you have beaten me.

Karen Deborah said...

with that much effort I hope you win! funny post.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

You completely rock. And may I just say that I would steal that candy cane striped mug if I came to your house. I could use that every day and not get tired of it. Anyway, I'm happy that you're "in" the contest.

But I have one question. You "claim" not have any ugly mugs, right? So how does someone who doesn't own an ugly mug know all of that detailed info in paragraph one?


Joyfulsister said...

Hi Becky!!
(((hugz))) Now you got me looking to see if I have any ugly mugs lol. I have a Maxine Mug, does that count!!!
You make me smile sistah!!!

Hugz Lorie