Friday, January 16, 2009

The Search

So tonight was shopping night. Yippee! That means Mommy gets to go out on the town all by herself and decompress. So what did I choose to do on my night out?

Shop for an ugly mug. HAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahaaaaa...

No, seriously. See.

Stop one:
Hospice Gift and Thrift
There were a few that may have qualified from this location but I settled on just one.

Stop two:
Home town Salvation Army
Only one was purchased here as well.

Stop three:
Next town Salvation Army
Now I'm becoming a little discouraged... I was expecting ugly mugs aplenty, but I only found one here as well.

Stop four:
Now this place was a goldmine... or an ugly mug mine. I was having trouble deciding which ones to leave behind, but at $0.29 apiece I ended up with four from these shelves.

Stop five:
Dollar Tree
Honestly, I felt bad that these were not cast-offs. They were made the way they were on purpose. I did not have the heart to call them ugly.

I do believe I found a couple of doosies that may qualify as ugly mugs. I will have to show you my actual purchases in a separate post because I have not photographed them yet. I'll let you help me decide which one to enter in the Ugly Mug contest.

(I did not buy any of these pictured below but they caught my eye for one reason or another)

OK, I for one would not drink out of a mug that came from a veterinary genetics lab. The things that mug must have seen or been exposed to
I'm surprised it doesn't have three handles and an extra opening.

If only this were true.
It begs the question,
would somebody rich actually use this mug?

Hugs in a cup! Big ones too.
Who couldn't use that?

This trio was obviously someones personal creation probably given to a poor, unsuspecting mother who thought she was getting a day at a spa for her birthday.
Enjoy your coffee, Mommy.

Um... I actually did buy this one.
Not because its ugly
but because I think my son will like it.

This one may be a little obnoxious to use for morning coffee but it is sure to bring a smile.

I now wish I would have bought this one. I think I know someone who would have loved it.

Well, there you have it!

See what happens when you let Mommy out of the house all by herself. ;-)


FlowerLady said...

I have to say I really liked the three that were handpainted.

Looking forward to seeing the 'uglies' you did buy.


Dena said...

Great minds think alike...I am planning to go shopping for my ugly mug tomorrow afternoon. LOL

I had to laugh at the mug trio. Oh do I remember those sweet love filled gifts that made you think to yourself "What in the world am I going to do with these?" :)

Mel said...

Oh what a totally fun thing to shop for Ugly Mugs!!!!

Plant Lady said...

I bet if I looked hard enough I could find a few ugly mugs around here. I usually stash them in the dark recesses of my kitchen cabinets. I just can't seem to part with them! Please tell me why I keep them?? They are really ugly!

Plant Lady

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

To funny!

No shopping for an ugly mug here, my submission was in my cabinet, however upon viewing your rejects I fear my winning is now in danger.

Cant wait to see your selections


Karen Deborah said...

I would've ended up with a whole load of cute ones. I like the handpainted kid ones, a person can never have too many mugs.

Tabi said...

You are totally cracking me up this morning...that fish one is just over the top funny!!! That you can see someone drinking out of it makes me laugh all the harder!! That is something that I could see my bumpkin in laws drinking out of!! Love it!!! Thanks for the smile and can't wait for the "real" uglies!!

Tabi said...

Oh btw, I think you just convinced me to shop for some ugly mugs myself...sounds like fun!!

kellie said...

You're a riot!

I have to know - why did you NOT get that fish one?!

farmlady said...

"Mug Shots" I love it. This was really funny.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Time to yourself and you spent it looking for an ugly mug at thrift stores???? Different strokes . . .

I just can't relate, but then I'm a teacup gal addicted to pretty. : D

Glad you enjoyed yourself!

Greg C said...

I liked the fish mug. I did the same thing but came back with nothing. I can't believe we actually went out looking for ugly mugs. Are we that bored? haha

Jessica said...

LOL!!! No really, I laughed out loud!!!! The comment you wrote about the 3 mugs that were probably given to a mother...oh how many times my mom must have cringed over the "thoughtful" gifts we made her!

Life with Kaishon said...

You are so funny : ). Too bad you let that fish mug get away.

Now come on, you know you would love a specially hand painted mug WAY WAY better than a day at the spa....who needs to relax when you can look at that mug and fill it with warm goodness all the days of your life. A gift that keeps on giving!