Wednesday, July 02, 2008

And so, the ~MONTH OF DAD~ has come to a close


...the month I declared the "MONTH OF DAD". Which in essence meant that Dad (the father of my children) would have the month of his dreams. Every Saturday was his to do with what he saw fit. No taking on all the kids for the sake of Mommy's sanity... just go and work in the yard, golf, play, sweat, watch sports, or wander aimlessly around the hardware store for hours dreaming up projects. What ever his loving heart desired. PLUS- Every evening a twenty minute message and a free pass to not do any housework...including dishes.

Why, you ask?

That is a great question and in order to answer correctly I must shamelessly blather on about My Love for a moment.

My Love is a man among men. Smart, funny, intelligent, ambitious, sensitive, a great lover, my best friend, and waaaaaaaay too sexy for his shirt. Okay, maybe that was TMI, but I don't know any other man that is more deserving of a month than My Love. Honestly, Father's Day is a great holiday, but one day just isn't enough time to honor all that My Love does for his family. If I say, the kids need a tree house, the next day he comes home from work with the lumber in his truck. If I say, "I'm having a rough day," he sends me out ---kidless--- to get a Venti Mocha Frapaccino, blended twice, no whip. If I say, "My feet hurt", I'm sure to get a foot rub that same night. If I say, "I need some new plants", he says, "No, you'll kill them, but you may get fake ones" ......... he has limits. Its just one of his many enduring qualities.

My Love never ceases to amaze me. Not only did he go back to school to earn his Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice, but he graduated with honors! Not only is he good with his hands, but he can build anything he puts his mind to. Not only is he a Mr. Fix-it, but he repairs things I didn't know were broken. As a father he is patient, fun, loving and kind and at the same time he is sure his kids are properly disciplined. As a husband he always makes me feel like the most beautiful, faultless woman in the world when, honestly, nothing could be further from the truth.

And you know what... he still took on all the kids for the sake of my sanity, he still wanted to spend time with me above anything else, he still helped with the house work, he still gave me foot rubs when I needed them and, yes, he even did the dishes. He truly is Mr. Amazing!

So instead of one day in the month of June, I decided to make June the "MONTH OF DAD".

BTW My Love, I still owe you your hour long massage finale and a night of bowling :-)


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Julie said...

What a lovely tribute-- you are so blessed to have such an amazing man in your life. I am also blessed to know just how that feels! :) (Well, except my Mr. Perfect probably can't fix as many things as yours... :p ) I definitely need take a page out of your book and do more to make sure he feels appreciated.