Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Watch Me Wednesday ~ Ah Nuts!


I hear at the sliding glass door.


I draw back the drapes to see Mr. Squirrel waiting impatiently for my complete attention.

I open the door just enough to let his voice enter but nothing else.

Me: Can I help you?

Mr. S: Yes, as a matter of fact you can. There is something that has been driving us squirrels nuts for quite some time and we can remain silent no longer.

I smirked when he mentioned being silent because I know for a fact that they have been anything but. They are constantly chasing each other up and down the feeder tree, jumping to and from my sanctuary, and squabbling and chuckling over every morsel. Its bad enough that I swapped out my birds feeders for squirrel friendly ones but now I'm being harassed.

Me: (still smirking) And just what is it that has your squirrely tails in a bunch?

Mr. S (giving me a look that indicated he disapproved of my tone) As a matter of fact it is because you forgot to mention us entirely in your Critter Me This post.

Me: ???WHAT???

Mr. S: On your silly little blog you wrote about all the animals who live in the woods around you, and not once did you mention us squirrels. (Now his little forepaws are crossed and he is looking quite pouty).

Me: Seriously, I don't know how you were able to read my blog but squirrels are everywhere, I guess I just figured you guys being here was a given.

Mr. S: You mentioned flying squirrels...

Me: Not everyone who lives here even knows about those...

Mr. S: You mentioned raccoons and possums... they are everywhere. (his squeaky voice was beginning to raise into a fevered pitch). We were the laughing stock of the TRASH

Me: ???TRASH???

Mr. S: (He handed me a card) The Rodent Association of the SierraHs.

Me: ( I pointed) SierraHs?

Mr. S: We wanted it to spell something.

Now I'm becoming slightly annoyed and a little freaked out that the squirrels even know what blogging is or how to spell. I'm definitely going to pay closer attention to my electric and phone bills. They are always climbing on those wires.

Me: Look, Mr. Squirrel. I do apologize for not mentioning you on that post. How about I do an entire post just about squirrels.

Mr. S: Do you mean it or are you just trying to get me to go away?

Me: Both.

Mr. S: Fair enough.

And with that he scampered across the deck and jumped onto the feeder tree. Moments later I hear some loud chattering. I stick my head out the door.

Me: What now?

Mr. S: The feeders are empty and we have company coming.

Me: Well, get it your self... I have a post to do, remember.


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

The squirrels are driving me crazy! I can not walk outside without them scurrying all around me!! Yuck!!

Oh, by the way! I have tagged you on a meme on my blog! I hope you will play along...


Tabi said...

Oh my!! I can't breathe now thank you very much!! That is so funny!! Poor little squirrels, how could ya leave them out!!! LOL....great one!!

Ruth MacC said...

You know, as I was reading your post I was thinking how good it woud be to show a video so I was just delighted to see it at the end. I whowed it to Sean and his friend and they both loved it.

One man's rodent is another man's pet!

Happy Thanks Giving.


Sandy Toes said...

How cute!! Squirrels are crazy..they have a mind of their own. You know what? We don't have squirrels here..I just realized that! Wow!
-sandy toes

Kate in NJ said...

You made my morning so much brighter!
Thank you for that as always, and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Mel said...

Thanks for the fun start this morning..squirrels are cute but scary to me!!!

Greg C said...

I think the squrrels are organizing. They are plotting against us. One day they will take over the earth and they alone know where they hid the nuts. Funny post.

Life with Kaishon said...

You are SO creative : ). My daddy loves squirrels. When we were growing up our neighbors would trap them and take them to a lake 10 miles away but my dad would leave out corn for them. I love that man : ).

kelliebean said...

Too funny! :)