Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Now I Get to Ramble

I have no subject in mind but I will try to remember to change up the font every so often and add a random pic so you don't get too bored. This is going to be a doosie. Dosey. Doosy. Anyone have a clue as to what the correct spelling of doosie is. Your best guess is fine... my spell check has nuthin'

BTW I want to let all my loyal readers (all three of you including myself) that when I misspell something it is usually on purpose to denote how I am actually thinking it in my head. Consider it a compliment that I give you a rare glimpse of what goes on in there.

Radical subject changes ahead.
There will be no further warning!

So I was driving my minikidhauler the other day and was so excited about the declining gas prices. I think the lowest I saw was $2.59 (for cash) I was giddy! I remember a time when I was thrilled that the price of gas dropped lower than $4. And I distinctly remember telling my mother, about six months ago, that we would NEVER see gas prices go below $3 EVER EVER EVER again! Goes to show what I know... I was such an optimist 6 months ago... now I think recession are GRrrrrRRRREAT! Oops...er... not recession... uh... depression... no... ?... Will someone with a brain full of left wing liberal media opinions fill me in here?

Wait... shh... listen... can you hear my eyes roll?

Sorry, perhaps I am out of line... I'm a little bitter :-(

When I started this blog I had intended it to be something for myself and as it turns out I am my kids. Could I possibly talk about anything else? Do ya think!? I was scrolling through my posts and realized that what I have on my hands is a MOM BLOG! Oh the humanity. Not that mom blogs are bad, just not much of an escape for me :-p

It actually turns out that I just need to know that other moms are going through the same angst as me. Where I come from it does not seem that having angst over your children is possible or allowed. I am proud to be a mom blog reader. I feel much better about myself ;-)

I totally intended to NOT watch any news or any coverage until 10 tonight but there I was at 9 a.m. scanning the news stations to see what was going on out there. I was appalled at the lack of serious reporting. However, when we tuned into Sesame Street I was quite impressed with the time the Muppets spent explaining voting and different aspects of election. We held our own election here at home. It was between Democratic hot dogs and the Republican PB&Js. When Hot dogs won (written on the board in blue) Kiah shouted out, "OH NO Mommy! We don't want blue to win!"

Good girl Kiah :-D But I digress...

JUST KIDDING!Hmmm... apparently not it would seem :-/ And I promise that will be the last I speak of polytics except to say that at least we got prop 8 approved.

Anyway, it turns out that we were out of hot dogs (but actually they were hiding behind the tea) so we had grilled cheese sandwiches instead.


Tabi said...

I am super giddy around here, gas is only 1.98!! I NEVER thought it would get below two dollars agian!

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Not too many weeks ago I had to wait in line and then paid $4.29 for gas!! And waited in line, mind you!!! Right now it's at $2.15 which is great!!! I'm hoping it will continue to drop.

(Found your blog through 2nd cup of coffee). Enjoyed it! (and I feel like how your pic looks!!)

Sandy Toes said...

It was nice feeling the tank at 1.91....I may even go on a road trip!
-sandy toes

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Gas was over $4 a gallon? Wow! Who knew? I have the distinct privilege of avoiding the gas pump as hubby is gas king (pun? maybe ...)

Actually, I'M TEASING! (About the not knowing the price part, that is -- I am truthful when I say I rarely go to the pumps.)

Election over, economy crippled, new day dawning . . . time to smile. :D

kelliebean said...

lol! I needed that this morning. :)

We're down to about $2.40-2.50 around here. Waiting...waiting...c'mon $2.00!

And we love grilled cheese sandwiches in our house. ;)

Greg C said...

I will be looking for that 1.99 a gallon gas soon. Right now it is 2.39. But wait, I heard last night that it was going to be free in Florida soon. That will be worth the trip just to fill up. Sorry I had to throw that in. I did hear someone say that though and they really believed it.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I filled up for $1.97/gal yesterday! Woo to the Hoo!

DaNella Auten said...

I totally get ya.... But God is in control (repeating over and over to convince myself...) lol


Karen Deborah said...

Very cute post like the kitty cat piccha. Looks like me before my first cuppa in the wee hours. I understand about children and angst, teens and angst, elections and angst. Now we must move on.
We held our first family prayer for the president elect this morning. Next time I come to Cali I gotta have debbie bring me to meet you and your kiddles. Rock on with the MOM BLOG!

Life with Kaishon said...

I am a Christian, and I hoped that marriage would not be obliterated for gays. Why did you want it to be? I am truly curious? I am also excited about our President elect even though I did not neccarily vote democratic. It makes me sad that Christians are so devesated. I am looking for God to do AMAZING and WONDERFUL things with this man. I believe he is a Christian.

Life with Kaishon said...

Hi, I wondered why you never answered this. I am genuinely interested in your response. Please share.