Sunday, November 09, 2008

Technicalities with the Sniffles

What a week. I feel like I got so much done despite being run ragged by the technicalities in life.

Hmmm... seems kind of stoic referring to my kids as technicalities but I'll have you all know that they are the apples of my eye. Sometimes crabapples but apples nonetheless ;-)

Every Sunday My Love and I attend church with an optimistic attitude and high hopes that Mommy (me) will be able to sit through an entire service, the kids will be silent and not whisper "I'm hungry" "I have to go potty" "She touched me" "I'm thirsty" "Can I color" "He hit me" "She's breathing my air" (seriously!?!) every ten seconds to the power of four. However, the past two weeks have not been in my favor. Last week the kids were collectively trying to be helpful which I appreciate but tended to have a too many cooks in the kitchen effect. Everything I tried to do was undone before I could finish doing the next thing. Sitting and waiting patiently for Mommy to fix their plates at the church fellowship was not on the kids' list of things to be helpful about.

Yesterday's service was great ... until it started. With Sunday morning all a bustle with two adults and four children trying to get dressed and ready and out the door I didn't notice that the mild case of sniffles that the kids had come down with on Wednesday had, in fact, not subsided but become worse. WHY DIDN'T I NOTICE THIS BEFORE WE GOT TO CHURCH? That would have been convenient. When it came time to sit down and be still the kids could not.

They were not loud, and to the average congrigent their struggles may have been unnoticeable, but to the trained ear of the Momminator it was akin to an ice pick stabbing my eardrum. It really wasn't their fault. They were uncomfortable. SO at the break I made the decision to take them all home rather than trying to force them through to the end of service. We even skipped Awanas.

Anyway, back to what I accomplished this week. Clothes. That's right. They were everywhere. It appeared as though all of our closets and dressers had thrown-up onto our bathroom floor. I caught up. Yippee! AND I put away all the spring/summer outfits AND I did a clothes shift for the girls (Kiah's clothes to Eden's drawers, Eden's to Marli's and Marli's to storage... anyone in need of girly baby clothes 18 mo. down?) AND I went through and dispersed all the Fall/winter clothes AND sorted tons of hand me downs (we have been very blessed in this area, thanks ;-) you know who you are).

Finally, yes Mommy, I cleaned my room. Yes I did! I even vaccuumed which hasn't been done in an embarrassingly long amount of time :-0 I got rid of and put away piles of clutter and unfinished projects. Its so satisfying to get that off my mind.

My next project... the office.
No, not the show.
The area.

Scary, I know.


Jessica Russo said...

I come from a family of four children and reading your Sunday morning adventure reminded me of growing up. Sunday mornings were ALWAYS a struggle for my parents. I remember that my dad would say that he needed a good sermon and prayer BEFORE trying to get all of us there on time!

Jessica Russo said...

I forget to tell you good luck with the office project!!!

Tabi said...

Oh, I think I just had a panic attack looking at your closet!! It reminds me of my own bedroom!! Eekkk!! Good luck!! Don't get lost in there, we would miss you!!

Andi said...

That thing looks scary! But, hey, we've all been there in some form. Mine is closets. Throw everything in laundry baskets, and toss it in the closet. Shut the closet door. Okay, shove the closet door closed. This may require some kicking and shoving to accomplish it. Wipe sweat off of your brow and, if necessary, your armpits. Go and greet the guests at your door like your house always looks this good, and you're ready for drop in company at any moment. Hey, it works for me!

Saundra@An Italian Mama Gone Crazy said...

You are woman of the year to post that photo! Rock on Momminator!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

To every thing there is a season ... fall is always the sort-and-discard season around here.

Sniffles + church = NO WAY! Glad you took the kiddoes home to rest (and you, too).

I pray for you daily, my sweet friend. Your blessings and mine run a parallel course with but a few years in between. Am I not proof you will survive and SMILE?!?!?!?!

Love you!

What did you do to that office (can't blame the kids -- I know that's adult territory)?? I was just there a short while ago and it looked fabulous. DO I inspire you to clean offices? Want me to drop by today? [Did anyone else hear that thud? Where's Becky?]

:D You brought a smile to a face struggling with gravity this day (as in grave situation) Please pray for me and then roll around in the blessings I prayed for you today. Sharing is SO GOOD in the Lord.

melissa said...

I just declutterd everything!!! Moving is good for that!! But it is amazing how much "stuff" we seem to gather over time!! Especially with little ones!! I hope the kids feel better soon, I know it can be a bummer to not be able to hear the sermon, but your time will come to be there every week soon enough. Tom used to tell me that when I would have to miss a few weeks in a row, because for some reason, my kids never got sick at the same time!! Which makes it even longer!!! Good luck, I'm praying that you will be able to get everything done and not wear youself out in the mean time! If you need anything give me a call!Love, Melissa

Ruth MacC said...

It's sad I know, but I felt satisfied when I got my small home cleaned this week, so well done. Howevery, you have my sympathies having to start on your office!!!

I once helped a woman clean her bedroom and we found over one thousand euros in her poskets, old bags and on the ground... I am not kidding!

Hope you find something amidst all the stuff!!!!

DaNella Auten said...

Good LUCK!!! That office scares me.

Kristina P. said...

Becky, you're the only one who took my up on my Paypal offer! ;)

And I love your picture. I will be back!

Life with Kaishon said...

I totally feel you with that office. Doesn't it seem like stuff just collects uncontrollably in any space that is not in constant use? Our garage for instance, is filled with a million things, and 0 cars. How in the world could a car ever fit in there. We just have SO MUCH STUFF! Sorry about the sniffles!

Julie said...

Just think! Someday we will be the little old ladies sitting in church murmuring sympathetically to the mommies with loud children that someday they will actually miss it. **SNORT!**

And I say you leave the office like that. If you're anything like me, you won't be able to find anything you want or need once it is "organized". :p