Friday, August 08, 2008

$3.93... rambly

The $3.93 is the price of gas in our area. I was quite shocked when saw it and relieved because I had just driven for thirty minutes with the gas gauge needle below the E. My Love hates when I do this but the trip was all downhill so I figured that even if I did run out of gas completely I would be able to coast to my destination and call AAA when I got there. :-)

The "rambly" refers to what the rest of this post will be. Tonight I went on an impromtu shopping trip. I was supposed to go tomorrow (today) but My Love was run ragged at work and decided to stay home from Bible study. Anyway, I drove an hour (not including a quick stop at a Goodwill store where I found the most delightful Marjolien Bastin/Hallmark ceramic bird house for $4!!! I'm sure it must have been at least $20 had I bought it MSRP. I LOOOOOOOOVE thrift stores. Really just as much, if not more, than the dollar store and yard sales... )

Whoa... rabbit trail...
???What was I saying???
Ahhh, yes...

I drove an hour to get to a Super Walmart where I spent three and a half hours wandering around in a false glow of flourescent lit bliss, buying groceries, garden supplies, and things I couldn't live without, like Wall-E toothpaste.

~~ Aw SHOOT! I just remembered that I forgot to get Q-tips. $2.50 for something like 22,000 little ear cleaners... you just can't beat that deal. ~~

I got home about 1a.m. and unpacked everything pretty quickly. On the counter were the two plastic cages filled with mice of various sizes (snake chow) from an earlier trip into town. Oh bother! I put Red in the feeding cage and tossed in some mice then proceeded to see what I could find to entertain me on the boob tube. Hmmm... all those channels and still nothing on :-p So I end up here in blog land catching up on what all my faves have been up to today. I ate a few chocolate covered macadamias and needed to wash them down (why isn't macadamia in my spell check?). I grabbed the milk and took a swig (right out of the carton too... I can hear some of you gagging... not just from my lips on the carton but you are still thinking about those mice aren't ya *sputter* It was a little warm. I checked the temperature gauge of the fridge and it was set to "off". GRRRRRRRR... I'm not sure which one of my lovely, darling children does this trick but it is not the first time it has happened.

So, with my warm milk, coated mouth, the snakes all lumpy with rodents, and the knowledge that I will be getting up in one hour to pack a lunch I bid you an adieu. Good night blogger friends ...and good morning My Love ;-)


Plant Lady said...

Good Morning Becky,

Thanks for visiting me on "Plant Lady's Ponderings."

I'm glad you registered for the drawing. Today is the last day to enter, so if any of your bloggy friends you might talk to today doesn't know about it, direct them over to my blog to enter. The more, the merrier!

I was reading over some of your previous post and noticed the "old sink" yard art. I have an old pedestal sink that we removed from our bathroom (to make room for some cabinet space)as a planter for flowers and ivy. Looks great! I'm a little "nutty" too.

Plant Lady

Julie said...

How do you LIVE? I am a monster if I don't get a good 7 or 8 hours of sleep.

P.S. Haven't picked a pair of shoes for the meme yet, but I haven't forgotten. Love ya!

Becky said...

Another Becky! Hey! Thanks for coming by my blog today. Great to have you.

I so enjoyed my visit here ... read all the way to the bottom of the page. I was totally entertained! You are a fun person, I can tell. And so am I. We'd get along great.

Have a great weekend!

farmlady said...

I see you shop at all of my favorite Boutiques, Goodwill being one of the best.

The hours you keep are dreadful, young lady. No wonder your tired. Hope you don't do that every night.