Thursday, October 09, 2008

What is Fall...

...Without a Scarecrow?

Prepare the stuffing...

...then stuff it!

Be sure you have all the necessary parts!
Now, where did that head go ?!?


Once we got our scarecrow assembled James was afraid of him. LOL! My brave little man. :-p Marli was the first one to approach. She kept saying, "Hi" then looking at me as if to ask, "Why won't he say 'hi' Mommy?"

"He's the strong silent type, Darling"

Now that all the others could see that the scarecrow didn't eat the baby they figured he was safe enough. :-D

Happy Harvest! God Bless!


Rebeckah said...

Your scarecrow is ADORABLE! And those blessed little children....well, they are adorable too! Happy Fall to you!

Plant Lady said...

Great Scarecrow! I know you had tons of fun making him. He needs a Mrs. Scarecrow to sit in the swing.


Sandy Toes said...

He is very cute...Well done! He has a special spot and ready to welcome in the Falll season!
-Sandy Toes

Debbie in CA : ) said...

A+ scarecrow. Love the teamwork! : )

LadiesoftheHouse said...

This cracked me up! Little kids are so funny! Your little one helped the whole time and watched you stuff the clothes but then was wondering why the scarecrow wouldn't talk LOL I wish we could all stay innocent like that mentally, don't you? The world would be so much more fun to live in :-)