Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Watch Me Wednesday ~ More Fall Fun

It was a fine Fall day and since Daddy's use of the chainsaw made it impossible to enjoy the outdoors around the house I decided that instead of spending the day locked away that I would take the kids out to another pumpkin patch down the hill.

As soon as we saw all the jump houses from the road the kids began screeching (yes, literally) with excitement.


James is the king of asking the same reworded question over and over again. I was excited for them because there were a lot of fun things to try. There were two jump castles, one with a fun house type interior, a long jumpy tunnel thing, and an enormous bouncy slide. There were also piles of hay to dig through to find free toys and tractor pulled hay rides.

Kiah was head over heels for the slide.
It was huge and so much fun.

Then it was on to the tunnel. To climb in you had to push hard against a rush of air. If you took too long the octopus would collapse on you. My three older kids got the hang of it pretty quickly but Marli refused to go unless I did. ~sigh~

Let me just warn all of you with small children that these bouncy, unstable, air filled contraptions are NOT made for mommys. Especially short, uncoordinated, top heavy ones... if you catch my drift. But I paid for Marli to use the bouncies and by golly she was going to use them all.

Upon entering the tunnel one must climb a ramp, slide down, make it through an obstacle course, then try to escape through a tiny slit in the plastic while twenty other children are causing the entire contraption to gyrate uncontrollably.

Marli made it through quite easily, however, for me it was rather like trudging through quicksand with a anvil strapped to my ankle.

Here is James trying to make his exit. A questionable entrance, a harrowing awkward trip through, and a difficult exit earned this bouncy tunnel the honor of being dubbed the birth canal. I apologized to the parents who saw me exit... it could not have been pretty. :-p

After that I was ready for something that didn't involve any ...well... any of that. The tractor hay rides looked more my speed.

Ahhh... yes, this was much better, and after bouncing around for forty minutes I think the kids were ready for a moment of peace as well.

The only thing left to do was the pony rides.

By the end of day, I was exhausted, the kids were getting cranky and I was ready to get them home.



Sandy Toes said...

How fun! My kids would love that!!!
-sandy toes

Ruth MacC said...

Did you haave to pay? Was there any other kids there? Why was it there in a field?!!!


Tabi said...

Looks like so much fun!! We did all that friday at a festival at church! My kids had a blast too!! The thought of jumping up and down on those bounce houses makes me a little quesy!! LOL!! Gosh, when did I get old?!?!

Becky said...

the "birth canal"! that is too funny! i would not do well in one of those things.

Dutch said...

It looked like the kids had tons of fun. My daughter is 14 and still loves the bouncy houses. It was so funny when you said birth canal because that is what it looked like to me when I saw the picture. LOL

Debbie in CA : ) said...

SUPER Mom award for you!!!!

I'll bet they slept well that night (and you, too)!!

Saundra@An Italian Mama Gone Crazy said...

Aren't they precious!!!

What a great Mama!

farmlady said...

I think I would love this and I'm way older than you. Now I know why we have our kids when we're young. My energy level is not what it use to be, but I would still like to try this.