Sunday, October 12, 2008

Off They Go... Went

On September 8th my parents started their third mission trip to Kisumu Kenya in Africa. That is the little orange one under Ethiopia, which is light blue. They will be spending most of their time in a rental house near Lake Victoria, the small dark blue circle. While there they will assist churches, orphanages, and schools start food and evangelical programs. They also spread the gospel door to door.

So in the mean time I get to gather their mail, tend to their bills, and entertain Moses, their chocolate Lab mix. He is a good dog and very well behaved considering he is only six months old. He is already two inches taller than Flip. Marli shouts "No Mo! OUT!" To ensure that she will not receive any huge, sloppy wet puppy kisses.

So without my go to babysitters I am even more adult deprived than usual. If you see me drooling and babbling incoherently don't worry I'll be better some time around November 10th. ;-)


Tabi said...

What an amazing thing your parents are doing! Praise God for that! Hopefully time will fly by though for you and your babysitters will be back home before you've had time to go too crazy!! I know how you feel! I am very blessed to have a mom who will take my kids often to avoid too much insanity!!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

She looks like she's telling him just who is in charge! You must have wonderful parents.

Karen Deborah said...

WOW I have friends from Nairobi, Kismumu has the highest rate of AIDS in Kenya and a very low life expectancy, average life span was about 30 when I was in contact with them.
Your littles are so cute, such little moppet heads of curls. If I lived closer I would sertainly help you out. I like being a nannie. Good dog, isn't it amazing that little kids can handle big dogs in their faces? If you think about the proportions it would be kind of like an elephant giving us a big lick.....yuk.

Tabi said...

Hey, was thinking about you and your parents being gone, guess what today is the 22nd and you have less than a month and they will be home!! And I have yet to hear any babbling incoherently yet!! I am so proud of you!!