Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Watch Me Wednesday... Giveaway Extravaganza Results


Here it is... the result you have been waiting for!
Who won... who won... who won???


I had to compile my list, type and print out all the entries, cut them all to roughly the same size, then My Love was convinced that they needed to be folded in half. Old school I know, but ya can't trust computers for everything.


Okaaaaaaaay... now we're ready.


I highly suggest stopping by her blog to give her some congratulatory comment love telling her she won the best dern giveaway in here-o blogosphere. While there take a look around her awesome blog, get hooked and return for more. Tabi is a super mom with a great sense of humor.

Tabi, Email me your address and I'll ship you your Super Deluxe Dinner and a Movie Plus Dessert Ultimate Autumnal Stimulus Package with the fastest shipping I can buy.

~please allow six to eight weeks for delivery ;-)~

Now, if for some reason Tabi has fallen off the face of the Earth and does not claim her winnings within, lets say, two weeks... then the prize package will go to Heidi @ Moms, Ministry, and More. Another awesome blog from a Mom dealing with the special challenges of momming and ministering overseas.

So Tabi... speak up or forever hold yer peace. ;-D

A HUGE thank you to all my friends and readers for entering the giveaway, I wish I could send something to you all (~sigh~ now I have guilt). Also, Thank you for keeping up with my dull, yawn worthy blog. At times it does act as more of a personal scrapbook of moments I want to remember rather than something that should entertain the general public, but its such a good feeling to know you're alive. Its such a happy feeling, growing inside. You make me wake up ready to say, I think I'll make a new blog post today *snap*snap* ... sorry :-/

God Bless :-)


Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Congrats Tabi! And just in case you don't claim your prize I'll go ahead and say YAY! for being runner up!

This has been fun, Becky. I've learned so much more about you.

Sandy Toes said...

Congratulations Tabi...what a great gift!!

Look at you, Becky....I had to laugh at those first pictures! You had quite a system.

Have a great day!

-Sandy Toes

Tabi said...

I claim, I claim!!! Oh, How cool was that to hear my name on the video!! WHOO HOOO!! I have loved your contest, it was fun to go back and read your past stuff!! You are cracking me up with all your list and beheading the scarecrow pumpkin guy!! Tell all those cutie assistants THANK YOU!!

Tabi said...

Oh and loving the new header by the way!!

Becky said...

yay for tabi!
i woke up in such anticipation that i had to hop right on over here! this was fun!

Italian Mama Gone Crazy! said...

Okay..Becky... put.down. the.scissors.

Wow... talk about a Mama with spunk!

You really did cut all those things out!!!

Julie said...

Okay, Becks... you totally take the cake for putting WAY more time and energy into your blog than I ever have or ever will!

*tackles Tabi and wrestles the box of gourmet mac-n-cheese away from her*

All you awesome bloggers who visit Becky, I promise to come and check out your blogs someday soon when I actually have a little something called time to myself.

And last, but not least, DANG! Your Love is HAWT STUFF! :D

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Yippee for Tabiiiiii! What a fun contest with a thrilling moment there as all those names were spilling all over the place and I was nibbling my nails wondering whether they would all make it into the recepticle (and then wondering whether Mr. Scarecrow would regain his head after all this hoopla)! Oh my! I needed to sit down and rest after this post. ; )

CUUUUUUUUUUUTE Header pic! Love it!

Mr. Rogers is waaaaaaaaaay cool! *snap*snap* :D

Rebeckah said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww. Your package is so nice. I LOVE your new header. How cute are those boots. I love little people and their feet : ).

Tabi said...

I absolutley agree and believe in your "act of love" you stated on my blog!! That was a great one!!

Joyfulsister said...

Hey Sis..
Come over I have 2 awards for *U*.

Hugz Lorie

Megan said...

Man..I would have loved to enter this one! Looks like I found your blog too late! :(