Thursday, July 31, 2008

Motley Crew

I ran into one today. Well, I didn't run into them... just observed them as they wreaked hormonal havoc on a local Safeway. They perused the store, discussing, way too noticeably, I might add, what they were hungry for, why they were hungry for it, why they were madly in love with what they were hungry for, how much they should buy of what they were hungry for and who was going to pay for it. Half of them were on their cells, the other half were interrupting those on their cells. The muffin tops were plentiful and guffaws out numbered the giggles by far.

Out in the parking lot the rest of the crew were still in the process of congregating. A car poured out the baseline of an indiscriminate tune. BOOM WHAPPA WHAPPA BOOM BOOM WHAPPA WHAPPA, it bellowed like the mating call of a bullfrog ... but with rhythm :-p One of them had managed to "snag" another's shoe and the game was afoot *snort* (sorry but I made myself laugh with that one... its late). Anyway, as I observed the rambunctious, crowd of 20-30 youths I remembered back to when I was their age, being too loud, maybe a little obnoxious, defiantly belligerent, and I thought to myself, "Since when did I become old?"

Then I thought there must be at least...

Ten signs that you may be getting OLD:
  1. You drive a minivan because you actually like it.
  2. You throw a mini celebration when you get carded.
  3. You catch yourself saying things your mother or father used to say.
  4. You have given up on plucking your gray hairs due to baldness.
  5. You use your cell phone to make phone calls.
  6. You are on the AARP's mailing list.
  7. You like prunes.
  8. Its hot when its cold and cold when its hot.
  9. You look for things that are on your person (glasses on head, keys in hand, remote in lap, shirt on back).
  10. The youthful antics of the adolescent annoy you.


Why 2nd Cup of Coffee? said...

11. If they could harness the nuclear energy that you generate at the core of your torso during a hot flash, there'd be no more dependence on any other type of energy.

Julie said...

Hahaha! Ow! The laughing hurts...

12. You have no more than two piercings and think Emo is a Sesame Street character.

Becky said...

LOL, Thanks for the additions!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

13. You ... ummmm ... forget what you were going to say. : (

[This was way too funny for an early morning--well, early for me--romp through the blogdom. I've gotta go have a cuppa tea. (Could that be #14?)