Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pillow Talk

So I'm in bed watching the exciting news on TV about McCain's veep pick. I'm so excited not because I know anything about politics (although I really like Mrs. Palin so far) but because My Love is lovin' that Obama's thunder has been stolen. So I'm wiggling. Ya know... Jimmy legs, giggly foot, twitchy toes. Anyway, the following conversation ensues...

My Love: Are you all hyped up on venti Mocha frapplappadingdong?

Me: No! I didn't have a venti.

My Love: A venti Pepsi?

Me: No its not Pepsi, I had a grande.

My Love: Whats that the biggest size?

Me: No, its the middle.

My Love: But grande is big.

Me: Venti is bigger.

My Love: Then what is small?

Me: Small is tall.

My Love: Thats an oxymoron! Maybe you should blog about Starbucks' oxymoronic sizes.

Me: *sigh*

My Love: *smirk* G'night My Love.

My Love doesn't drink Starbucks unless held down and forced. Those who do not partake will never accept. Just leave me alone with my venti mocha frappalappadingdong. And a tall small isn't really an oxymoron. An oxymoron would be a big small, see. OR, a short tall. Which it actually is, but we don't call them shorts, we call them smalls. So its a small tall... just deal with it.


Tabi said...

Laughing so hard! I avoid all of it and just go to sonic for my java chiller!! All the options at Starbucks are just too much for me! lol

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Love the picture--and love the Obama thunder being stolen!

5intow said...

I just love the word, "frappalappadingdong." That would be easy to overuse. :-)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh, good grief. I have posted on this before, too. These fancy names actually kept me out of Starbucks for a while because I was intimidated! That's why I loved the Dunkin' Donuts commercial. How cool that we both have Jorges. Mine is a TALL 5'7". :)

Karen Deborah said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! An IV of espresso, yeah buddy.

Tabi said...

Yes, I was very mad over the oversight of my kids needing glasses! The whole thing is very frustrating but will be taken care of in the next several weeks!

Julie said...

FRAPPALAPPADINGDONG! I think this will be my new swear word. ;) Oh, and I think that Sarah Palin sounds awesome, too, although I am still completely undecided. Keep up the funnies!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I'm still a tea drinker, but may join Julie in muttering your catchy new "phrase." ( I almost wrote *F* word -- yikes!)

I sported a pair of hoop earrings to dinner last night in support of Sarah. (I defy ANYONE to label me trailer trash -- the media makes me SICK.)

I'm back to the blogdom (at least for this minute) so I had to come say "Hi!"

Let's do coffee soon Okay?

Love You!

I ordered a "short" soy-mocha-decaf-no-whip at SB once. It came lukewarm. When I complained, for a second time (first being that the guy claimed "tall" was "small" -- nope, dude, check your sources) about the tepid temp he shrugged and said he assumed it was for a kid and they have rules about temp of drinks for kids. (Hmmmm ... did that equate to being carded? If he hadn't annoyed me so much I might have thanked him.) Oh frappalappadingdong! I'm going to Peete's! ; )

LilBit said...

I am cracking up laughing, sitting here giggling and smiling! :D
Thank you for sharing that.
I'm a Venti girl myself!