Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Day to Write (from) Home About

And I am so glad its over. :-p In hindsight it wasn't all that bad... Just that the kids all wanted something different from me all at the same time, they were all constantly hungry, whiny, clingy, fighting, crying, messing, biting, etc. etc. etc. I decided that what they needed was a little one on one time with Mommy. I sent the older three out to the yard and sat on the floor with Marli and a board book. Five minutes later James and Eden came back into the house crying and Kiah wasn't far behind. Lucky for me Marli had lost interest in the book we were reading so James moved in. "Mommy, can you play cars with just me?"


"Sure, Bud. Go set everything up in your room and I'll be there in a sec."

30 seconds later there was a pile of cars in the middle of the living room on top of his road map rug. I tried to convince him that playing in his room was a better idea but he wouldn't hear it.


I tried to convince Kiah to take Eden and Marli into her room and set up Tea but the cars seemed more entertaining. Soon all the girls had picked out their favorite minimobiles and had taken over the rug. I tried to tell them that there was enough room for all of them to play and retried to order Kiah to her room for Tea, however, they were all too caught up in their own squabbles to listen. Eden Screamed at Marli who then began crying. I went to give her a hug only to be bitten on the shoulder. Meanwhile, Kiah and James were re-enacting a scene from WWF.

I could feel the Mommy Hulk welling up inside. Amidst the total chaos of the moment I overflowed with a primal scream of my own, a barbaric yawlp if you will. The kids were reduced to sniveling lumps but at least I had there attention.


"Come in," the kids all whined together. "Who is it?" I followed, expecting the voice of one of my parents responding, But what I heard was, "Sierra Timberline."

Oh poopy caca! I had completely forgotten that a service man was coming to finish installing our new wood stove. My mind spun with thoughts of my noon time bed head and the fact that all my kids were crying and he had to have heard my yawlp. At least I had showered and put on a bra that morning. :-0

I let him in, pointed to the stove, then herded the kids into my room to watch Reading Rainbow. The service man finished the instillation of our stove fan before the show ended. I showed him out then I went into my room and collapsed on the bed amidst all my puffy eyed children. They all found a place on Mommy to rest their heads and all transgressions were washed away within five minutes of snuggles.


Really, just a typical adult deprived day ;-)


Plant Lady said...

I can picture it! What a day!
I have days like that, but not with children, with ADULTS!

Sometimes they can be some of the biggest children, right?

Each one having to have their own time and wanting it NOW!

Hope you have an "Adult Filled" day tomorrow - throw in a few children to keep it interesting, o.k.?

Plant Lady

Julie said...

If I was your neighbor, you could have sent one or two or all of them over to me for an hour! Sigh... wishful thinking... I am glad you got through another crazy day and that you still love all their little moppy heads. You are a great momma.

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Oh I have had days like that...the good thing is they will end and you can start anew tomorrow!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I'm laughing ... I'm crying ... I'm remembering those days, though I think I may have said, "Oh bother" rather than poopy caca (though I would have meant pc). You have brilliantly captured what every mother knows: w
When in doubt SCREAM! (Next time check the calender if you're worried about what other's think; if not ... howl away!) : )

I love coming here to play, and laugh, and leave with a refreshing thought tucked into my pocket for later. XO