Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mamma Mia!

No, S.O.S. needed :-)

Yes, I went to see it. And despite the frantic pace and the painful expression on Pierce Brosnan's face as he sung, it was actually a good movie. One of the only reasons I went was because Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee admitted to liking it. Well, that and my Dad said he would watch the kids so I could get out of the house. Yippee!!! How could I say no?

Anyway, if you grew up listening to ABBA like I did you can at least enjoy the music. I think my favorite scene was all the guys dancing around on a dock to the tune of Lay All Your Love on Me. The sets were fantastic and whimsical and the costumes were classic 70s. Even if your childhood memories of ABBA bring you pain and anguish the story line is sweet, well put together, and at moments hilarious. All parts were very well cast with the exception of Pierce and for no other reason than the fact that this IS a musical and he CAN NOT sing. The feelings I had from watching him sing were akin to the feelings I had while watching John Travolta sing in drag in Hairspray :-/ Can we say HEEBIE JEEBIES and please stop...stop it now! However, the view was nice (Hubba Hubba).

It is an unpretentious, jubilant film that was probably more fun to be part of the cast than it is to watch. Even though I throughly enjoyed Mamma Mia I could have done without the constant use of my Lord's name in vain, a few vulgar moments, and a homosexual (albeit brief and underplayed) storyline. I will see it again just because it was such a blast to watch and *sigh* I did enjoy the music. :-0


Plant Lady said...

Good Morning Becky!

Thanks for the review of Mamma Mia. A friend of mine mentioned going to see the movie a couple of weeks ago. I think she and her daughter went, but I haven't heard her say how she liked it.

I also love the music of the 70's but am wondering if it is good enough to spend the price of a ticket. Any thoughts?

Plant Lady

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Glad you liked it. I think you are dead-on when you say it looked like so much fun to be in the cast. It's kind of brainless fun, but then, so is my blog, so I have no room for being TOO picky!

Becky said...

Plant Lady,

It is definitely worth the price of matinée admission. I paid $6 and I don't regret it a bit... I even bought a fountain drink which brought my total up to $10! Still, totally worth it... no regrets ;-)


In my experience (which is limited at best) it takes a lot of smarts, wit, and a highly developed sense of humor to pull off appearing to be brainless and actually be hilarious in the process. You do a very good job of it! ;-)

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Hmmmm ... hadn't given it much thought since Elizabeth tipped me off to the "unsavories." Maybe I will venture toward it once it's on dvd. (I just can't imagine Mr. Darcy/Colin Firth ... oh never mind.) : )

Joyfulsister said...

HI Becky!!
What a great review, I am going to see it.I loved Abba's music. Isn't it funny how you can place yourself at a certain place and time just by listening to tcertain music from the past lol .
Thanks for sharing..
Hugz Lorie

LadiesoftheHouse said...

I wonder why they picked Pierce Brosnan for a musical when he can't sing? Are there no other men that would fit the part? hmmm.

I did like Abba, so it may be something to see when the DVD comes out. Thanks for reviewing it!