Sunday, August 17, 2008

In His Hands

Thank you everyone for your prayers. My Love was nervous but felt that he did well overall. He had to answer questions in front of a four man board then take a computerized exam in a separate room. We will hopefully know some time this week whether he has been chosen for the position. We are resting in the fact that the entire situation is in God's hands. I will post any updates on my blog as we recieve them. Again, thank you. :-) God Bless!


Plant Lady said...

Sweetheart is a mixed breed dog that my dad adopted from the pound.
I do believe she may have some border collie in her. She is a petite dog with long legs and short hair. I believe she is getting that "middle age spread" like me because Daddy has told me recently that she has been "putting on the feedbag"!

She has enormous amounts of energy that she burns off anytime she has a chance - when someone comes into the yard, a varmit comes onto the property or just BECAUSE!

She loves to dive into Daddy's farm pond and swim around. She especially likes to plunder in the ferns that grow around the pond. I think she has found that rats have made burrows in the bank and she likes to flush them out.

I have done several posts about her. Daddy calls her Sweetheart, so I thought I'd give her that bloggy name. She wants to keep her "REAL" name anonymous to avoid the papparazzi! Sweetheart is her bloggy name, sometimes I call her "the Strange Bird". (See the May post entitled, A Strange Bird and other posts, I've Got Pictures!, A Strange Bird-Unmasked!, She Is Faithful (my first post about her-back in April,) and Sweetheart and the Bandits.

I also have a picture of her on the sidebar of my blog in the garden photos. She is "patrolling" the corn patch and the tomatoes!

I'd like to hear some of your stories of Flip's antics!

Plant Lady

Tabi said...

I am so so sorry that came across that way! I haven't even read your comment but reread what I wrote and think Oh my, that does sound bad! That is not at all what I meant...what I was trying to say is there is so many times that I feel frustrated with my kids and forget how very special they are. It was in Linda's blog that I was refering to her and how she misses her nineteen year old being three and being able to read to him. I know I need to be thankful for my kids even when I am at my wits end with them. Please, Please don't think I meant this for you. I feel horrible to think that I made you feel any less because you are ready for the days of less frustration! I really had a paticular hard day with my 5 year old yesterday and getting on her blog this morning just reminded me that one day he won't be five and won't need me anymore.

Agian, I'm so sorry...

Tabi said...

Big fat huge cyber handshake and truce! I am so glad we are both on each other's page now! I spent last evening reading your blog thinking how I hoped you understood what I was saying because you seem like a great faithfilled woman! I hate the thought of hurting other people and it really bothered me to think I had done just that! So, now I hope you have a GREAT week!!!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I'm right there beside you on my knees. If not this ... God is so GOOD! I see it every time I am with you and all those delightful children. Remember when they were only a prayer request? That's a gift that just kept on giving! ; )

I look forward to seeing where the Lord leads ... for I know the plans He has for you ... hope and prosperity and an abundance of all the things that really matter. Thank you Lord for refreshing us with your gift of life, abundant.

Tabi said...

We are going through the new job thing right now so I understand that wait and anxiety that goes with the territory! I will be praying for God's will in this area!!