Thursday, July 10, 2008

Flip the Beautiful

No, I'm not suggesting that you commit random acts of violence towards the physically blessed. I am referring to my beautiful Boarder Collie Flip. She went on a desperately needed trip to the doggie salon today and she came back looking...

*with vibrato*

FAAAAAAA ~ bu ~ luuuuuuuusss!!!

Her first instinct upon exiting the car was to roll around in the grass to rid herself of all fluff and foof. Didn't work... the pretty pink bows held fast ..... well, at least for the remainder of the hour :-p LOL!

Flip, too cool for school... not including obedience training. Besides the run of the mill sit, stay, down, come, she will also shake, play dead, roll over, speak, show that she's a yellow belly, crawl, dance, balance items on her nose, and her most important trick... "gitthedeergogitit!!!".

After a long day of pampering and a torturous photo session Flip begged to be left to her own devices and spent the rest of the evening sleeping and twitching her way through dog dreams where she catches every deer, cats are her doting slaves, and there is no such thing as doggie perfume.


Julie said...

What a beautiful dog! She sounds like a treasure. Thanks for sharing her FAAAAAB-U-Lousssss photos! (I am still snickering at the random acts comment...)

Debbie in CA : ) said...

HEY!!!! Blogger just ate my witty comment! [FUME!]

Now I have to reach back into the recesses of my brain and recreate it. Uh ... would that be short-term memory or long-term? (If I sit here long enough it will become long-term memory if it hasn't already become amnesia.) Grrrrrrr!

* * * * * * * * *

Okay, here goes:

Ummmmmmmm ... Doggy Perfume? Is that something she gets with the cut and curl, or does she supply it herself?

Double ummmm-ummmm ... dare I admit I didn't get the "random" quip at first? (I thought to myself, "Who would want to harm Flip? She's adorable and so well behaved.) Clearly it is far too early in the morning for me to be blogging. (I did stay up rather late watching Danny Deckchair last night -- I just love happy endings ... aaaaaaah!) Okay, I am off to get a strong cuppa tea and start my day -- you send me off with a smile. : ) TTFN

Becky said...

LOL, Debbie (and "hi" Julie) I was just making a roundabout comment about those commit random acts of kindness bumper stickers :-p

Apparently it was more round about then I intended. If need be, meet me at Starbucks for a coffee IV... my treat ;-).

ROTFL! No Flip's own perfume was washed away. Groomer's add foofoo spray as a final touch. I don't blame Flip for tyring to get it off... smells like old lady perfume.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Hey Girl,

Guess what I found while watering my former deck-dwelling pots which now reside around the driveway under the redwood tree? Yep, pumpkin vines sprouting ALL OVER THE PLACE. Hmmmmm ... happy memories make me smile. Gary's agreed not to mow there. God blessed me with a pumpkin patch. (Or should I thank the kids who flung goo so happily -- or unhappily in Miss E's case?) LOLing (despite the fact that all the master bath grout is cracking with the new deck going up -- GRRRRRRRRR ... time for tea and more PRAYER).

farmlady said...

You may be a cat person, like it says in your profile, but I can tell you love this dog . Great post!