Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Writer's Workshop~Off Course

Hostessed by MamaKat

The Prompts:

1.) If you were starring on American Idol TONIGHT and HAD to sing, what song would you choose and why.

2.) Take a picture of yourself right this minute without primping and explain to us why it is you have not washed your hair today.

3.) I just asked Pat to help me with a writing prompt so here's his: "What do you think about the NBA All Star game"...blech.

4.) What's your number one pet peeve? Develop a punishment for anyone caught in the act.

5.) Write about something mean you did to a sibling growing up.

This week I'm going to start with #5


5.) I was the youngest of two children. My older brother, by three years, was a BIG. FAT. JERK! Now, I realize that is not a very Christian thing to say about your only sibling, but please understand that, when I say big fat jerk, I am being nice. Growing up it was sort of a Cain and Able situation. He worked hard at being bad and hated me for being good. I couldn't help it, I was born a kiss up. I'm a people pleaser and I like to be good. In turn I was mentally and physically tortured (pushing, poking, and arm punching, not beatings, although, I vaguely remember being pinned down and spit on or slapped on the forehead a few times) by my troubled bro and my parents remained blissfully unaware for the most part... because if he got in trouble ... I paid for it.

Now that we are all grown up he likes to pretend that we are all lovey and bygones are bygones and that we are friends and can have holidays together as a family... and we do but only because I know My Love would skin him alive if he ever tried to pull any of that c.r.a.p. on me now AND I love my nephews and think they need exposure to normalcy AND I do love my brother but I do not like him.

Wow, that didn't really have anything to do with the prompt. LOL, and that is quite possibly the most serious thing I have ever posted...sorry... won't happen again :-p Let me eat a brownie to regain my strength. MMMmmmm... *schmack*smack*...nummy...

Moving on...

4.) Sssoooooooo... things don't really bug me all that much... Oh wait! I hate the feel of toenails on my skin. My Love purposely puts his eagle claws on my legs in bed to gross me out. Yech! Is that a pet peeve? Punishment would have to be declawing. Just keep your toenails to yourself and we can be BFF!

Oh wait! I hope no one was in the process of reading this while I'm editing but I just thought of another one... I can't stand it when beautiful skinny people call themselves ugly and fat...or when someone is completely talented in, lets say, writing but they call them selves an idiot of the written word... or, oh I don't know, any self deprecating behavior... ARG! I just can't stand it! I mean if you are going to cut yourself down to earn a compliment I would rather you just asked me right out, "will you please tell me how beautiful/skinny/talented I am because I am having an insecure moment. I may cut myself down but at least when I do, its true! Punishment... to be locked in a padded room with yourself wearing a t-shirt that reads, "plesa compliment me or I may cry."

Ahhh, I feel better, you?

3.) Seriously skipping... nice try Pat. ;-)

2.) & 1.) Thats right look at me... going against the flow and combining to prompts in order to utterly humiliate myself by showing you my actual audition tape which I sent in to AI.

OK, that was a lie. I am so ashamed. I did the video for a blog carnival but I think if the AI judges could see this they would pull me in as a wild card for sure. And for my first song I would sing it exactly how I rewrote it and I would dedicate it to all the tired moms out there, because I know Simon loves that.

Here are a couple of pics from one of my mini photo sessions today. Yes, I took them just before posting this... no primping I promise...

... just a little posing... but thats normal for me.

Here I am reading one of the bestest, funniest blogs in here-o blogship (see, natural born kiss-up).

And no, I didn't wash my hair today because I took a shower late Tuesday evening and Wednesday morn I opted for an extra 30 minutes of sleep instead of rinse and repeat.


CJ said...

I have relatives like your brother. I love them but don't like them.

I like your cow mug. I used to be big into cows. Read about it at:

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Yeah, I know what you mean about the skinny people. Any people who fish for compliments, for that matter.

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Becky,
And people wonder why we end up with controlling issues in life!! Well you know what I'm talking about. Hey Thanks for sharing your heart, I love your openness courage and honesty my sister.

Luv Ya

Dan said...

I know what you mean about appearances. I have a friend and his wife who are both in great shape (state and regional body building champions no less) who are always complaining of being fat or weak or ...

I always tell them they could be me!

It must have been hard growing up with a brother like that. You have my sympathies.

Alex the Girl said...

Ponytail holders were designed specifically for holding unwashed hair. Saves on shampoo and is good for the enviorment.

Lauren said...

Sorry about your brother! That is terrible!

blueviolet said...

Your hair looks awfully shiny and healthy for not being washed. You should continue that method of care. :)

Sandy Toes said...

I have not watched American Idol this season....I have heard a couple of them here and hubby loves that show!
-sandy toe

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Great post!

When I was in elementary school I whacked my little sister in the head with my lunch box. After I hit her it started to bleed profusely and I ran all the way home in a panic thinking I had killed her.

I am so not taking a picture of myself right now, way to be disobedient!

Not singing either, in fact I may be the only person who doesn't watch American Idol!

NBA thing...yea right (NOT)

And about the brother thing, God can fix all broken things with persistent prayer! But I know how hard it is to pray for those in your life you may have difficult feelings for.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

i like this and may have to steal/ borrow it for my self :)
the second peve you though of is one of mine too... It makes me want to slap the crap outta their skinny butts.

Dena said...

Girlie, you and I have so much in common that it's a shame we don't live closer together! However, I don't sing. Well, I do, but no one wants to hear it. LOL

Michelle said...

No toenails on skin....punishment is justified. :)

Simply AnonyMom said...

I have 2 brothers like your brother. One is still a bully and one is super nice.

I loved how you combined all the prompts and made the post yours. Very creative.

Summer said...

I adore the posing! It's so me. ;-)

Red Thread said...

With #4 you just might have touched on my second pet peeve. Can't stand those that fish for a compliments...tell them to, "Go Fish.", because we aren't biting.

Fun post!

Mama Kat said...

And that's why I love you.

Mama Kat said...

ps I also hate it when fat and ugly people call themselves fat and ugly...what do you do??

Ummmm...yeah...sorry about that.

I think anyone making self deprecating remarks makes things uncomfortable and awkward for the rest of us!!

Andi said...

BECKY!!! We are the same woman living in 2 different bodies!
"He worked hard at being bad and hated me for being good. I couldn't help it, I was born a kiss up. I'm a people pleaser and I like to be good."
I too have a brother that I love, but do not like! Did you even know I had a brother? Probably not, because it's hard to mention him in a positive light. I can relate to the fearful silence. I can relate to the torture, that never truly hurts you, but you are afraid...afraid it will happen again, so you avoid being near them or alone with them at all costs. My brother is 6 years older than me. He hated me. Now, he says he loves me, which I don't doubt, but I also feel he's so manipulative that he's probably being nice to me because I bring his kids to family functions. My brother is a meth addict, so he only sees his kids through me, and that is only when I want to take them, and we leave when we want/they want. My parents get frustrated because they say my sisters and I don't treat him like he's human...Uggh. I treat him with respect and love when he's sober....But have no contact or interaction with him when he's being a BIG. FAT. JERK. Anyway, I feel your pain sister. Aren't you glad we have a perfect savior to make all of our hurts better?

Oh! And I haven't washed my hair since Monday afternoon...And I've went to work twice! And church! No kidding! Maybe I'll wash it tomorrow. :)

Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

You have gorgeous eyes, girl!!!

I have the exact same feelings for my little bro... Love him... just would NEVER choose him as friend... ever.

I feel ya!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

The things we learn over a virtual cup of tea . . . XO!

Mel said...

ok i was banking on the NBA one!!!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

The song lives! :) I enjoyed reading these but also felt bad for you. If I would've been your sister, we would have gotten along great. I just know it.

Karen Deborah said...

I hope your brother doesn't read your blog. forgiveness,,,,,I hit my brother back plenty, he could probably say the same thing about me.
We all foungt more back then, and we didn't ride bikes with helmets on either.
cute picchas your a very good photographer does that count as a compliment?

Maki said...

See.. I'm so glad I don't have a brother.. LOL

Your post was such great read!!!!

Mommynightowl said...

I'm with you on the declawing. my husband does that to me too.

And I will confess I'd be one with the "please complement me or I'll cry" in the padded room.