Thursday, February 26, 2009

Project 365~Feb 22-28

Wow Another month gone by... I'm glad I have pics to document it all or I might not believe it. I love this project. I have already gone back a couple of times to see where all the time has gone. Its not too late to join either. Just click on the Project 365 button to visit the hostess. It really is worth the effort.

Sunday, February 22nd Kiah practices her verses for Awanas. Memorization is not her forte unless it involves all the words to a certain mermaid movie. It is much easier now that she can read. We go over the verses two or three times together then she is off on her own with her little lips moving without sound... its so cute.

Monday, February 23rd Mommy is never in the kitchen alone. I gave up some precious storage space long ago knowing that it would be worth it for the little ones to have something else to play with beside hot pots and things that could poke their eyes out.

Tuesday, February 24th everyone was sitting and studying so nicely I just had to take a picture. After all, this doesn't happen everyday ya' know ;-)

Wednesday, February 25th...
Walks with Grandpa
may cause flights of fancy
and fits of laughter.

Thursday, February 26th the kids were bouncing off the walls (and I use that term literally) so as soon as the clouds parted I took them on a long walk. They. ran. the. entire. way. Stopping only to check out really important things like every puddle we passed.

Friday, February 27th the kids beg to paint stuff. I dislike painting with the kids. I find it stressful and I'm not sure why. No, I know why... Its because I'm a control freak... I confess. Despite that fact I do cave once in a while. Kiah is responsible for the ladybug family and James painted a rock car and a small pumpkin which is one of three left over from our October decorations. I don't think he meant to but my little man made a heart... awwwwww.

Saturday, February 28th its wet and sunny outside a perfect day to babysit a burnpile... and all the kids so that Mommy can get the Christmas Tree taken down and stored away. I know, I know, I am so ashamed. :-p

Now, on to March!


Mel said...

wow love your school set up!!! I don't paint with my kids either, or anything that is remotely mess because it does turn me into a stress case...

fransmomma said...

ok, where do you live? the outdoors is beautiful! i want to be right there running with your kids.

Dena said...

I just love all your trees, so peaceful and private! I used to loved to do all the arts & crafts things with my kids, which if you know my personality totally goes against it. LOL

Don't feel too bad about your tree. Just this week I found a stray Christmas bell sitting on a corner table that I hadn't noticed all this time.

sara said...

Ihad a drawer in my kitchen when the kids were little too that they could pull out and play with while I cooked.

Love the picture with grandpa!!!!

can you believe we are in MARCH!!!

LuAnn said...

I love all your pictures this week. The one with the kids running is great.

Lisa said...

Looks like a fun walk. Your school room looks so cool. What a luxury to be able to have space to "set up shop".

farmlady said...

Great photos! Your children are so darn cute!!

Karen Deborah said...

your kids are soooo cute. Life is good for you.

Andi said...

Painting with kids stresses me out too. How, exactly, does a control freak allow her children to play around a burn pile? I'm totally not criticizing, I'm telling you to lighten up on yourself. Yeah you! You took down your tree!? I'm thinking I may dust tomorrow...For the first time since Christmas....I am so ashamed!

a corgi said...

all great pictures!!! so glad you had some mommy alone time to get a few necessary things taken care of before spring approached


Edie said...

Something great going on all week for you! I love them all.

The toy drawer is a good idea, Kids studying ahh. Do you home school them?

I love the nature walk too. They look like their having a blast.

My grandaughter Emily lives to paint. She even wakes up in the morning asking to paint.

I know you've heard it before but your profile picture cracks me up.

Have a great week!!

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Awana is so awesome! I STILL remember so many bible verses that I memorized in Awana.

I love the picture of everyone outside helping Dad burn. That's how I grew up, 2 girls and 2 boys, all really close in age and always outside. I think I smell the wood pile burning from here. Love that smell!

Life with Kaishon said...

You are so funny : ). Storing the Christmas tree 2 months after Christmas. I think when February 14 hit I would have just gone ahead and left it up until next year : ). Or not. Love the Grandpa picture. Aren't they the best?

Michelle said...

Great shots for the week! From one control freak to another I totally get the not liking painting with the kids.

You live in a beautiful area. I can't imagine being surrounded by so many trees. It must me nice?

Kate in NJ said...

Is that your driveway?
LOVE the Grandpa pic.
We LOVE to paint here.