Sunday, February 15, 2009

Project 365~Feb 8-14

My dear bloggerinas and bloggers, I do apologize for falling of the face of the blogosphere. The weather has been unstable at best and our power has been off and on... but mostly off. It wouldn't be so bad except our phones are down too which means no internet for this poor mommy.

I have finally been able to escape the madness and drive to Safeway to connect with the real world and leave a post. I did have time to play with my pics a little though... at least until the battery died. Let me know what you think.

I am afraid I will not be able to catch up with all of you... not right now any way... because I will have to get home before it begins snowing again and to make dinner. ;-)

But for now, on with the show...

Sunday February 8th My Love is his usual cleaning machine self. During the week I will actually allow dishes to build up in the sink then do them all at once just before My Love gets home. And occasionally I will even let them go until after dinner. *GASP* I know! I'm such a daredevil.

However, on Sundays My Love just can not let one dish sit without stickin' it in the washer. I grab a glass and drink a bit of water, set it down and BAM! ...its gone before it touches my lips again.

Really, trust me on this one, I'm not complaining. I know he does it because he wants the house clean when we get home from church... I think its cute and enduring and his empty counter fetish has been the source of many smirks between us... especially when I am trying to remember where I set my water down!?!

Monday, February 9th James insists on sneaking under the table over and over again during "nap" time. I know he doesn't take naps but I do sometimes just need him to stay in his room for a bit of quiet time so that my eardrums can have a chance to heal. No such luck. And yes James, I can see you very clearly from the recliner... even when my eyes are closed. :-p

Tuesday, February 10th I knew it would a somewhat lazy day. Snow was threatening and the sky was gray. On particularly cold quiet mornings I am usually awakened by a squinty Boogs trying to get under the covers to warm her icy toes before she sleeps the day away.

Oh, to be a cat.

Wednesday, February 11th we were heading out to ballet lessons and were haulted by giant cottonball snowflakes falling from the sky. Flip stepped out to assess the situation and the look on her face was enough to make me decide to stay home. Each white spot on her back is ONE snowflake. They. Were. Huge!

Thursday, February 12th was a busy day. Eden had a dentist appointment that morning and I got to take all the kids since my babysitters (parents) were out of town. That was ... um... fun?... no, interesting. The pediatric dentist we see is fantastic. They have a toy room all set up like the inside of a giant tree with a movie playing in one section and video games in another. Eden was treated like a princess, that's even what they called her. With all the special treatment Eden was getting the other children of mine quickly became jealous, and whiny, and extra specially bitter that they were not queen/king of the dentist office. *sigh*

Then in the afternoon I had my post op check up which was a waste of time but nice anway because I got to sit and read a magazine and get out of the house alone. Very nice.

Did I take any pictures??? No. And I didn't remember until 11:30PM. Eh... nothing to see around these parts at that time of night. But I did find a picture of the appendix... just in case you wanted to ... ya know...
know where it is or something.

Friday, February 13th was my mom's birthday. The power was out but we have a generator and were able to cook her a nice dinner of Hawaiian Chicken. Hee hee. The power came on just before we sat down to eat. It stayed on for at least two hours before it went out again. The weird thing is that our neighbor told us that his power was only on for five minutes. We know it was Gods answer to our prayers that kept our power on for so long... Mom hates it when the power is out... HATES it.

Our goal at every gift giving holiday is to try and get my mom to cry... its not that hard, LOL. Once again with the help of homemade gifts from the kids we were successful at getting her to squirt some tears.

My Dad was quite disgusted because we spent less than five bucks and got tears and he had bought Mom a new computer and, "didn't even get a drop!" LMBO!!!

Saturday, February 14th ... Valentine's Day! After a morning of chocolate lips and candy hearts we setted in for yet another day of snow boundedness... is that a word? It is now ;-)

Fortunately, there was a break between storms so all the neighbors brought out their tractors and helped us dig out so we could make a run into town before the next storm. We were up to about two feet already and since my kids are all pretty young we generally keep them indoors when its so cold. Except for James. He NEEDS to get out. So, when I went for a walk over to my parents house I took him along... He doesn't seem to mind the wet and cold as much as the girls.

My Love and I were able to get into town for a nice homey resturant lunch sans kids and then we did the grocery shopping together which we rarely ever do. That was our Valentine's Day. It was very romantic. OH, and My Love gave me a Starbucks card for Vday too. He sure knows his way into his lover's heart. ;-)

My Love just called me on my cell phone and told me the power is out AGAIN! *sigh* I guess it will be another long quiet night. At least all the kids got baths this morning. No power = no water. :-p

God Bless you... and if you think about it pray for my sanity. :-D


RissaRoo said...

I love your photos! Thanks for the reminder as to the location of my appendix. One never knows when that might become extremely important! And I especially love the snow photos, I want to live where you live! I miss pine trees and tons of snow.

Andi said...

The first time the power went out when we moved to Arlington, I was in the shower. I was in shock that the water didn't stop running! Country kids! Sorry about the power blinks! We went 8 days with no electricity once, and it was no fun!

LuAnn said...

Love your pictures this week, especially the cat. Crack me up!!!
Hope your power stays on this week.
Blessings to you !

Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

What a great post of your week!

I love seeing how you live, and all the snow!

Happy Belated V day!

Hope all goes well with the electricity soon...

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Thank goodness for Safeway! Praying for electricity (and sanity :))

Nise' said...

Great pictures. I love the photo in photo ones.

sara said...

those are awesome pictures!!!

a corgi said...

pictures were great!! oh how hard it must be to be without power and to have it flicker on and off like that, a beam of hope only to have it fade away when it goes out again.....

but so thankful there is that Starbucks gift card, a light at the end of a very long tunnel!!!


Julie said...

I miss "talking" to you... at least I get to peek into a little bit of your life this way! I'm glad you are healing well and hope that the weather settles down soon.

farmlady said...

Love the cat and dog photos.

Wow! you've got SNOW. Makes my California fluffy stuff look kind of lame.

Karen Deborah said...

Farm Lady she IS in California!
Miss you but at least we know why. GREAT post good photos and I am just amazed that your husband is a clean freak. I didn't know there was such a maminal. I am afflicted with the same issue.

Dena said...

I know you're in CA, but never thought to ask what part. By looking at your photos, I'm guessing it's not the southern part where I grew up. LOL

Loved all your photos! Oh and I can relate to no power, no water. Makes for fun times doesn't it?

Sandy Toes said...

You have been a busy gal...but it's all worth it..a STARBUCKS fun!
-sandy toe

Laura ~Peach~ said...

oh have mercyyyyyyyyyyyyyy where in the frozen north are you??? I feel for you and no power longest without it here was 6 days a few years back during an ice storm and its aftermath.
hope you thaw soon hugs from sunny not too warm (60ish) Georgia

Greg C said...

Great photos/ My wife does that with the dishes that I use. I will take a sip of something and before I can get back to it, she has it washed.

LadiesoftheHouse said...

You are in California, right? And here I thought you guys had all sun all the time LOL We lost power here at the very second I put a chocolate birthday cake for a customer into the oven. Down the drain went the batter and I got to start over when it came back on at 10:00 pm. Yawn......

My husband and I have spent many anniversaries and Valentine's Days blissfully shopping for groceries without kids. When they are little it seems like such a treat, doesn't it?