Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Hair Raising Adventure

My dear Kiah was in desperate need of some follicular restructuring, aka, a haircut. Fortunately for us we have a friend in the business who happens to be in love with our children. We sent James off for some male bonding with Grandpa and made it a girls day out. YIPPEE!!!

Here are the before shots of my oldest's perpetual bedhead syndrome.

During the process...

Sisters look on anxiously...

Goodbye Goldilocks...

Now for the style...
Will it look good? Will she like it?

Oh, YES!

At first, when she saw how much was dropping to the floor, I think Kiah became a little apprehensive. I, being the good Mommy that I am, quickly picked up on that and whispered in her ear, "Wow, Kiah, its going to look so much better. You already look more like a princess. You look older too. I'll bet everyone will think you're ten."

Kiah beamed. She is seven.

All the ladies in the salon Oohed and Aahed over what a beautiful young lady she was and how her new do looked so sophisticated and grown up.

Kiah beamed brighter. She was Queen for a day.

To continue our girls day out I let Kiah pick the place for lunch. Guess where we went? McDonalds. I personally don't eat McD's food but I did have a bad tasting iced coffee.

I kept telling Kiah that I just couldn't stop looking at her and taking her picture.

"Why, Mommy?" she asked.

"Because you just grew up a little bit, and you're beautiful," I replied.

She smiled and took a big bite of chicken nugget.

After lunch, we headed to the pet store to look at the birds and the bunnies and pick up some snake chow. Then on the way home we swung by My Love's work place to show Daddy the new do "before it gets messed up." LOL.

Kiah twirled and swished and ate up the moment Daddy had to fuss over her grown up hair. I know she will never forget this day.

Once we got home I took the opportunity to snap a few more pics.

Every time someone mentioned Kiah's new hair she would toss her head or sweep her bangs to the side... it was adorable...



Later that evening Marli decided that Kiah shouldn't be the only one to get all the attention.

I know she got the scissors off the table while the other kids were doing crafts but I'm not sure exactly when it happened.

But, I fixed it.
Say 'hello' to
baby Audrey Hepburn.

Here she is imitating Mommy's expression when I noticed what she had done.



Laura ~Peach~ said...

oh to have the at least once in a lifetime personal haircut... Love the pics and expressions.
WOW what a beautiful young woman hair cut Kiah!
You have hair very much like marthas was when she was younger, the older she gets the curlier and darker it gets !

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Definitely worth the effort!

Greg C said...

Gotta love those self haircuts. My boys both tried that. Those girls need their teeth back. LOL

sara said...

so cute!!! She does look like she grew up some! and I love those years with no front teeth!! too sweet!

My kids tended to cut the hair in the back of their daughter did it TWICE!!!

RissaRoo said...

What beautiful girls! Oh, I love the homemade haircut. My youngest did that...her hair was a mess of long gold ringlets....she cut it *all off* because it was wet and dripping on her. Sigh.

I love the gap-toothed smile, too! And the imitation of your face when you saw the hair...priceless.

Karen Deborah said...

very cute, my mom cut our bangs that short and shorter even on purpose! It was the style in the 50's. That blond hair is so pretty, I thought she looked beautiful in both pictures the before and the after.

Andi said...

Love the new 'do! Thankfully, my children have not done any drastic haircuts on their own...Just a few nicks before I caught the goings on. However, my roommate and I used to cut each others' hair in college. Scary! We thought that since each of our mothers cut hair, we somehow knew how to do it through osmosis! Can you imagine?

kelliebean said...

Kiah is beautiful!

Both of my girls did the same thing as Marli. In fact, my oldest once tried to shave off her widow's peak. Her bangs stuck straight out for weeks, but I'll be darned if the widow's peak isn't gone now! :)

Happy weekend!

beckyjomama said...

She looks great!!! Very grown up! As for the baby ... good save mom :)

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I remember when Rachel went from Rapunzel to Miss A. Hepburn in the blink of an eye. She sported the cutest pixie (feet of hair disappeared in a flash --literally). It grows back, but the memories linger to delight us. Did I mention she cut some whispy bangs just last week after growing her bangs out COMPLETELY! ; D I laugh . . . crying hurts my eyes and I can't wear my contacts comfortably. (Vanity . . . I know!)

Kiah Looks FABULOUS!!!! I'd say she's old enough for a ladies tea and game day. Cucumber sandwich and Mah Jong anyone (or maybe Toy Story Monopoly)? Let's plan it!!!


Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

It transformed her! She doesn't look seven at all! Very pretty..

the baby is funny! Baby hepburn..

Mel said...

Love the new hair Kiah and ahh yes the kids and scissors thing, ahhhh

farmlady said...

This is wonderful! Makes me wish I'd had a girl between all the boys.

Tabi said...

I just LOVE both of their haircuts but in totally different ways!!
Kiah's hair does make her look older and she is so beautiful!!
Marli has me cracking up!!! I have thankfully not had to deal with that situation...umm yet...hopefully never!!

Dena said...

Oh my goodness Kiah looks so adorable!! I know how hard it can be to keep curls under control, but that style looks so cute on her.
We were fortunate to never have a haircut incident on our kids' hair. They did however cut their friends hair one time. LOL

Coachdad said...

What a great post! Loved it. My youngest is still recovering from cutting her her own hair. Great pics and story!

Life with Kaishon said...

Her new hair cut is adorable! She really does look WAY MORE GROWN UP! Ay yi yi.... so cute. Love that tooth gap like crazy.