Sunday, April 26, 2009

Project 365~April 19th-25th

Today was one of those days. Not in a totally bad way but my rhythm was just off. The kids were antsy at church, the better part of the afternoon was spent in a tearful battle of the wills, little disobediences kept me reeling and questioning my parenting skills... or lack of them, and we finished the night completely over stimulated.

I. am. exhausted.

However, as I write, the kids are in bed, My Love is asleep, the house is clean... enough, and I am sitting right here to rest my aching feet and show you what happened LAST week.

Sunday, April 19th

Marli calls out, "Yook Mommie, Kitties iz besfwend wit me, gittup an takkah pitture." Which translated means, "Look Mommy, the kitty is best friends with me. Take a picture."

So I did.

Monday, April 20th

There is a jump in the temperature so at the very persistant begging from the kids I broke out the kiddie pool, hose and bathing suits. The best thing about it, besides the joyful laughter, was that we were able to skip baths because they became self-cleaning. Now theres a concept!

Look at Marli (the one in turcoise). Ya think that water was a little cold? LOL

Tuesday, April 21st

The weather held out for another day so we brought all the snakes out to catch some rays and stretch their... um... legs? The gray one is Mocha, the red one is... Red, and the red one with white markings is Candy. They DO NOT come when called. :-p

Wednesday, April 22nd

Kiah's ballet teacher is moving. This was her last class :-( We are not yet sure if Kiah will continue with another teacher. I think she is ready to try something else. Maybe piano.

Thursday, April 23rd

I Have no pictures for this day and I can't, for the life of me, remember anything from this day. I'm thinkin' alien abduction...

Friday, April 24th

Kiah's friend Elizabeth came to spend the night. A humming bird followed her in the door. I caught it after it bonked into a window. It was sooooooooo tiny and delicate. It felt like I was holding a rose petal.

After all the kids got a chance to poke... er... pet it I took it outside and as soon as I opened my hand it flew up and away with a loud hum. One of the best moments of my life.

After dinner the girls decorated cupcakes. And decorated and decorated and decorated and decorated. Those poor cupcakes never had a chance.

Saturday, April 25th

The girls had a great time playing dress up and having a princess parade.

Grandpa came over for dinner (floating tacos, mmmmmmm) and cake and presants.

Happy 59th Birthday Dad!

So that was my week. If you want to join in Project 365 hostessed by Sara over at Make Music From Your Heart or you want to read about others' weeks then click on the project button at the top.

God Bless!


tiffany said...

Great pics this week! Wow, you actually got to hold a hummingbird, would be one of the best moments of my life too!

Lisa said...

I love the joy that kiddie pool time bring. So easy, simple and cheap! The princesses look beautiful.

Looks like a fun full week of just being kids...the best!

beckyjomama said...

Cannot WAIT to break out the pool - still a bit too cold here, but we're gettin there!
And LOVE the princess parade - too much fun!
But, the bird, OH - that woulda FREAKED ME OUT! You are a much better woman than me!

sara said...

great week!!! we opened our pool and my son and his girlfriend got in...VERY cold!!!

oh the humming cool that you got to hold one!!!

the girls looked like they were having so much fun!!

DaNella Auten said...

Ok exactly what is a floating taco? I'm picturing what happens when a kid drinks out of a cup after eating tacos and leaves some behind... Surely even you woudn't serve that unless it is someone you hate!
The snakes... pretty but um... no.
And the Hummingbird! WOW i'd love to hold one.

Andi said...

Hummingbirds and snakes...playing in the pool and cupcakes...sounds like a great week!

Jessica said...

What a fun week. I especially like your allien abduction day. ; )

Dena said...

Oh my goodness I can't believe you got to hold a hummingbird! My parents have a feeder outside their home and I love watching them when we are over there.

The cold pool face...PRICELESS! LOL

Laura ~Peach~ said...

snakes do not come when called and they tend to want to go in opposite directions LOL.. Love the pool and COLD water great expressions! Happy Birthday to your dad!
And love kitty face :)

Tabi said...

Hey! I lost my emails from my pay it forward with the winner's address's! Will you email me your addy?

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Kiddie pool--what's that? (we are just creeping up into the upper 40's)

Cupcakes to the rescue! They are always perfect throw in the oven when kids want to have some fun and mom doesn't want to have to supervise...I love 'em.

Life with Kaishon said...

Your weeks are always special. You are such a wonderful Mommy. A very wonderful Mom!
The humming bird is too cool!

Sue said...

Holding a hummingbird in your hand! I can't even imagine it. What a neat experience.

I'd also like to hear more about the alien abduction...


Together We Save said...

Kiddie pools are awesome, princess pictures are too. But those snakes.... oh my. Too much for me.

Mama Kat said...

What a fun idea to have a weekly recap! I love all the pictures. And I bet you made the snakes really happy by letting them out in the real world for a bit. :) So cute.

Paul and Katrina Perea said...

What a great week you had! Becky, you TOTALLY MADE MY DAY the other day when you told me I was beautiful!! i really needed to hear that too...what a blessing. Thanks!!

Smilingsal said...

What a busy week; no wonder you're tired! Your children are beautiful and must be worth your sacrifice.

Smilingsal said...

Please read your email. I've sent two messages telling you that you won The Voice.

I need your name and mailing address ASAP

smilingsal55 AT yahoo DOT com