Friday, April 03, 2009

OK, So Maybe...

...just maybe, I meant I was taking a two week blogcation. The first week went by so fast I honestly didn't know the next had started. I did get a few things done but not as much as I had wished. I DID get to bed at a decent hour one or two of those nights (this one is NOT one of them).

Last night Kiah woke me at 1+ or - AM to tell me she "hiccuped"* all over Marli's bed.

*In our house hiccup = puke

I walk into the girls room to find Marli in an utter state of panic yelling, "yook Yook Mommy yucky, YOOK!!!!" I grabbed her comforter and threw it in the tub to be delt with later. Then I wiped up all the remaining chunks with the lysol wipes and got Marli calmed down.

How did Kiah's hiccup end up on Marli's bed, you ask? Kiah sleeps on the top bunk... nuff said?

So Kiah was put on quarantine (spent the day in my room watching PBS and coloring) and I am praying that we don't get woken... waked... woked??? up the next three nights with the same, lovely situation.

Aren't you glad I'm back? :-p

What else has been happening the last week and a half?

I had a girls day out and spent it shopping... but not necessarily buying. I did pick up a copy of Bolt as an Easter gift for the kids and I went to Kohl's for the first time and was blown away by their styles in housewares and their prices. I mean blown away in a good sense. I lost myself in the clearance racks. We even found a new kids oriented thrift store. That alone made the trip worth it. ;-)

The rest of the trip and $ was spent on grocery stuff. No big whoop but the fellowship was good.

Some cleaning and laundry and carpet cleaning and organizing and, of course, schooling went on as well but looking around there is very little evidence of any of the afore mentioned activities.

This week started out with my preparation for the annual Campus Life Easter Egg Hunt. I stuffed about 250 little plastic eggs with candy and pennies. The pennies all had a letter or number on them which represented a prize or a verse to be read about the Easter story. Its great fun for all.

We also got some planting done. I put in my daisies and allysum (sp?) and we started our own little strawberry patch. There will be pictures on Sunday when I post two weeks worth of Project 365.

Looking forward, Saturday April 4th is my and My Love's 11th anniversary. Eleven wonderful years and we are still loving all over each other and growing in the Lord together each day. We have conned... er... asked my parents to watching the kids for the day so we can get out and actually have a conversation. I think we may go see Coroline (finally), visit Ikea, eat at Red Lobster, and just hang out at WOWmart (thanks Linda). Maybe I'll give you a run down after the fact, but for now...

Happy Friday!


FlowerLady said...

You have been busy with life, and it's good to see you again. Hope there have been no more hiccups.

Have a wonderful anniversary celebration.


Kate in NJ said...

Life is always filled with..hiccups..isn't it?
I hope it's run it's course at your house. Happy Anniversary!!
Good to see you "back".

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Yay, you're back! Aww, they're sick. Yay! You're stuffing Easter Eggs. I'm still glad you're back.

beckyjomama said...

So sorry their sick. So glad you're back!

Tabi said...

Welcome back!! Seems like lots of my blogger people are taking breaks here latley! Durn that life that gets in the way!! Hehe...hope they all feel better soon so you get to enjoy your anniversary!!

sara said...

April 4th is my daughter's and my brother's birthdays!! My baby girl will be 20, TWENTY, years old!!

Have a great weekend....I am trying not to be jealous of your visit to IKEA!!

Andi said...

Glad your back! Hope everyone's well!

Andi said...

Glad your back! Hope everyone's well!

Mel said...

Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and it sounds like you got bunches done!!!

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Glad you are back, sounds like you really made tracks!

Sorry to hear of the sickness. Hope your dd keeps those germs to herself!

kelliebean said...

Oh, boo! to sick kids! :(

Happy early Anniversary! Our 10th is on April 17th. April is the best anniversary month, I have to say!

Julie said...

I missed you!

I had to smile at the barf story... I have been there so many yucky times. I hope poor Marli didn't get sick.

And Happy Anniversary! Just think, this whole mess began because the two of you fell in love... LOL!

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Welcome back fellow bloggy break taker!

I laughed at the "hiccup" because it reminded me of a friend with 3 boys that said he walked into the boy's room after hearing strange noises in the middle of the night and found "hiccups" all over their ceiling since 2 of them are in bunkbeds LOL

Happy Anniversary you 2 lovebirds!

Life with Kaishon said...

I did miss you when you were gone. Oh yes I did!