Sunday, April 19, 2009

Project 365 ~ April 12th - 18th


Have you noticed?

Maybe not...
I am almost at 200 posts!

I was thinking that maybe a giveaway is in order. Do you remember the last one? I will have to think of something extra fun for all my lovely blogger friends. I'll take suggestions ;-)

But for now its time for .....

This project is so much fun and great for keeping track of where the time goes. I can't wait until the year is done and I can gather the kids around ye ol' laptop so we can relive each moment.


A New Year's Day tradition has just been born.


Moving on...

Sunday, April 12th was Easter of course. Our church Crossway Fellowship had a lakeside service and then we had a BYOM buffet. The weather was perfect. A gorgeous day to spend outside in God's creation celebrating the ressurection of my savior.

I had all the girls dressed alike and even James was wearing a suit but, before I could snap a family pic him and My Love ran off to the car to change.

Here he is smiling ear to ear because of the great haul of goodies.

Monday, April 13th I made some cheddar/sour cream/ green onion drop biscuts to go with dinner. There were 24 of them to start. I guess every one liked them.

Tuesday, April 14th I used they eggs the kids had dyed to make egg salad sandwiches for Campus Life. The eggs were still pretty even after they were peeled.

Wednesday, April 15th there was a chill in the air that morning so I turned on the furnace to warm up the house. I'm sure it is much more effective when the kids don't campout on the vents.

James was looking so toasty that Marli had to join him.

Thursday, April 16th I notice that the kitties have actually ventured off of the bed to sit on the windowsill to watch the hummingbirds zip about the feeder. They can drem can't they.

Friday, April 17th we see lizzards everywhere. Eden caught the baby alligator lizzard all by herself. James caught a big, fat, dark blue belly and Kiah found herself a lighter one of the same size. We let them go of course.

Saturday, April 18th My Love had an event to attend at a local park and wanted the whole family to go. I was skeptical due to the fact that it was during naptime but packed everyone up anyway. I was totally unprepared for water play but that is the only thing the kids wanted to do and despite my screaming repeatedly to NOT GET THEIR CLOTHES WET every single one of them ended up soaked. Such is life. :-p I hopped out of the car on the way home to get a pic of the spillway where we spent the majority of our time at that park.

On the way home Eden and Marli drifted off but kiah and James were still raring to go.

Thank you for Visiting my week in review. As I read yours I say a prayer for you and I hope that you do the same for me.

God Bless!


sara said...

great pictures of the week!

I have to say that I miss coloring eggs with the kids....mainly I miss the egg salad the next week!!

I love me some sleeping-in-the-car pics!! and those are GREAT!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

looks like a wonderful week and I LOVE The LIZARDS the kids caught we catch them here and play with them too!

LuAnn said...

GReat pictures - I love the Easter outfits. And your kids - crack me up with the Lizards. I could never touch one of them.

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

The lizard picture was the best!

Yes, I DO remember your last giveaway...boy, I wanted to win! Congrats on almost 200!

Sandy Toes said...

200 posts...great!

Super fun pictures and good times for sure.
sandy toe

beckyjomama said...

YOU are the good mommy .... who actually GOT the Easter pics :)

PS - love the lizard shots - around here it is worms, and Hattie would bring em all home and call em Slimey if I let her!

Dena said...

cheddar/sour cream/ green onion drop biscuts <---- you MUST share the recipe for these!

You are a much better mom than I. There is no way I'd go anywhere near the lizards, let alone take pictures of them. :)

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I come here to smile, to giggle, to rejoice, and to find new things to pray for. I usually end up covering you in a blanket prayer for MORE ENERGY to keep up! ; D

Andi said...

I second Dena and say, Where's the stinkin recipe for the biscuits! Don't leave me hanging! Of course, Dena is probably much more genteel than me...But she's probably saying that on the inside! Hee!

angie said...

We have lizards here everywhere, too. The other day I counted 8 on the tennis court! :) Congrats on almost 200!

TCKK said...

Looks like such a great week and those biscuits look wonderful! You wouldn't by any chance want to share the recipe someday? :)

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Great pictures as usual and again, us 4 kids did the same thing as yours growing up--sitting on the heat registers!

Kate in NJ said...

Great pics..great week!!

rita said...

Great NYs tradition idea!
I like that you don't feel limited to one photo per day!
I especially love the 'view and pray' idea! I had that thought but now aim for the habit.
Thank you for stopping by and praying!