Wednesday, May 06, 2009


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I am soooooooo frustrated right this second. Here I am watching American Idol on the dvr (which I was totally unmoved by tonight), eating a redvine, relaxing and reading some blogs when my dog runs to the door and grumbles. I let her out and she bolts out the door and across the grass barking vigorously.

This is not unusual since we have a wide variety of night time critters who frequent our property. I walk out onto the patio to breathe in some fresh night air and to make sure the dog is not being eaten when I see it. Or, actually DON'T see it. IT being the fuchsias I just bought for a planter in my yard.

In my best Charlie Brown voice...



And in case you don't know what those are, I am referring to DEER.

I LOATHE them!

Please don't tell my kids I said "stupid" they don't need to know Mommy is a hypocrite.

Those nasty deer ATE my beautiful fuchsias that I was going to plant today but didn't get around to. Right off the patio table. They ate them... down to the base... every bloom... GONE.


So if you ever visit us here at our Humble Hillside Academy you will know why every flower bed and planter in our yard is covered in chicken wire and the ones that aren't are full of nubs :-(

NOW, watch this... I am going to segue to a completely different subject so smoothly that you'll wonder why I am not an anchor on one of those cheesy local cable news shows.

So, what exactly kept me from planting my precious flowers today? Well, it was the small matter of an interview.


Some of you may remember that I was looking for an evening job a while back. I put out about 10-12 applications and had really given up on hearing anything back. My dream job at the Salvation Army just wasn't panning out (they are confused). However, last night I got a call from the manager at Round Table.

Not my dream job but it would be grocery money.

The interview went really well and he said I was exactly what they were looking for.

OooooooKay. :-/

I have to pick up some paperwork on thursday and I'm not sure when my exact start date is but I am hired. Please trust me when I say that despite any outward appearances this decision was bathed in prayer and is an answer to them. Any extra prayers, though, are appreciated. This whole Mommy has a job thing is on a trial basis.

My boy, James, is such a boy. Dirty, smelly, loud, ACTIVE, always a bug somewhere on his person, picking, scabby, and emitting noises, are some of his more ...ahem... charming qualities. James makes me realize that God only gave me one boy for a reason. Nonetheless, he is my boy, my little man, the man I would marry if I wasn't already married to his dad. (ok that sounds weird here, but when I say it to him he beams). He has a sensitive side. We cuddle at bedtime while I rub his back and sing his song and he is still and quiet. He always wants an extra hug and kiss for later whenever I go out.


He loves his Mommy.

And to him, these flowers are not a menace. They are worth a million bucks because they were picked specially for me. To a boy, a flower is a flower.

Thanks Buddy, you made my day.


Hootin' Anni said...

Sweet, sweet bouquet!!!!!

My Wordful is an update on my Sister's Day gift. It's very pretty right now. Come see if you can find some time today.

HAVE A GREAT MOTHER'S DAY this weekend. Happy Wednesday to you.

Sandy Toes said...

Want to get rid of deer near your plants???? put human hair around or "pee" around them...sorry but it's true!
sandy toe

Dena said...

If you're ever looking for a vacation Wisconsin the have a "Deer Park". Hundreds of deer. You walk among them, pet them, feed them. It might be something you'd enjoy (sorry, couldn't resist. LOL).

I miss getting yellow flowers in the spring. Enjoy yours. So sweet!

sara said...

what a sweet boy!!! mine would do that too, and I would have to explain that my sneezing was because the flowers just smelled soooo good!!! :)

good luck with the job!!

Andi said...

We don't have any mountains where I live....Did you know that you can see the flashing light on a telephone tower near my in-laws house at my parents house? They live 40 miles apart, but it is so flat, and so sparsely populated you can see a radio tower 40 miles away!

Bookworm has been picking dandelions for me too...It's very sweet.

Can you hunt deer off of you porch? Studmuffin would be in hog heaven if he could do that!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

yes pee around them and clean hair brushes off and leave the hair and red pepper helps too...we have more trouble with the squirrels than the deer... ugggggg
I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the dandylion beauties he picked for you! adorable!

RissaRoo said...

Have you tried one of those "deer sprinklers"? They are motion activated and turn on a jet of water when animals come near your plants. I've heard that they're effective!

We don't have deer or wildlife (beyond quail, doves and sometimes an owl) where I live now. I miss it! But in Montana where I grew up, it could just as easily have been black bears milling around the yard as deer.

Anonymous said...

That's My Boy...

farmlady said...

Deer! They aren't BAMBI anymore, are they? They are why we have TWO sets of fencing around the entire house and garden; 6 ft. fences and down hill from the house. They can't jump up hill very well. I think they are beautiful but until we built fences to keep them out, I had permanantly pruned roses and NO FLOWERS all the time.
Plant Iris. They don't touch them unless they are starving.

Aren't boys charming? I miss those little boys of mine bringing fist fulls of wild flowers home for their Mommy.

Cecily R said...

Fist of all...rats with hooves...hahahahahahaha! Such a great and irreverent description. I love it!!

And secondly, those flowers ARE worth a million bucks. They're beautiful! :)

kelliebean said...

Oh, these boys! They are so precious! Don'tcha love it when dandelions aren't weeds? :)

Brenda said...

Ahhh, those are such pretty flowers!

Karen Deborah said...

Deer are such pests, you need a predator or two. Any local lions?
Can you shoot?

Hey Dave Ramsey is a big advocate for working with pizza, get outta debt!

Tonya said...

Hey there! I came over to say THANKS for your comment at my blog. (I LOVE your profile pic by the way... LOL!! That could SO be ME at ANY given time throughout the day.. HA!!!)

About the deer.. SORRY to hear that they're eating your flowers. That's a BUMMER! (Although, the flowers from your sweetie are BEAUTIFUL)

Okay, it's late and I think my ADHD is kicking into overdrive! I'm tired and still have LOTS on my plate before I can get to bed. With that said.. I guess I'll go. Hehehe...

THANKS AGAIN for stopping by my blog - it was GREAT to meet you!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

A fistful of dandelions set my heart a-flutter with love every time I receive them. Wishes and dreams by the handful -- I'm there!

Good luck with the pizza tossing. We toss our own, but could use a few tips. : D

Deer . . . a fence is the ONLY answer! I'll pray you make enough tossing pizza to get that fence I KNOW you dream about.


The gardens are set to explode. Any free time for tea in my gardens?

Tonya said...

You are too cool there, mama! You actually HAVE snakes??? (Zach looked at a corn snake... I told him it was WAY TOO BIG.. LOL!!) They give me the willies.. 8-O

Seriously, are the playful?? I know NOTHING about them except that they strike TERROR in me. O=-)

Can my kid come over and play at YOUR house??? Heehee

Life with Kaishon said...

Now that is the sweetest bouquet ever! I am so excited that you got the job. How could you not be perfect for ANY job though? Seriously? You are a delight! Happy Mothers Day Beckaroni!