Sunday, May 31, 2009

Project 365 ~ May 17th - May 30th

Sunday, May 17th the laundry lines up for washing.

Monday, May 18th the kids play a not so quiet game while Marli naps. SHHHHHHHH!!!

Tuesday, May 19th My Loves put this moth on James while he was taking a mid-day snooze. James woke up and screamed like a girl ROTFLOL! He quickly calmed down and took his new friend outside where it belonged.

Wednesday, May 20th we find the moth has found another friend of its own kind this time.

Thursday, May 21st this green climbing frog finally found a resting place on top of the window trim of my parents house after being manhandled by the kids for a bit. I told them that for my birthday I wanted them to let it go... and they did. :-)

Friday, May 22nd we met some friends by a private lake and while enjoying the sunshine this young buck walked right up to us. It was sort of freaky. I told it to tell his friends to stay out of my yard or else but I'm afraid my warning fell on HUGE def ears.

Saturday, May 23rd the peonies I gave to my dad are blooming. They are giant and beautiful and smell heavenly. They never put on quite a show for me.

Sunday, May 24th Kiah is My Love's date for a friends wedding. I was plain worn out after church and didn't have the wherewithal to help the kids sit quite through a wedding. But Kiah was very excited to see the "princess" wedding and I think her and her dad make a lovely couple.

Monday, May 25th ...aliens :-/

Tuesday, May 26th The kids were watching a bee on one of the flowers but I thought it looked like the flowers were looking at the kids. teehee.

Wednesday, May 27th James catches a baby alligator lizard. At this size they aren't quite as formidable as their adult selves. He gets a thumbs up.

Thursday, May 28th... see Monday.

Friday, May 29th I worked a shift at Round Table and did the grocery shopping after. All I wanted to do when I got home was put my feet up and watch Jay Leno's last show. Headlines and Jaywalking, some of the best bits ever.

Saturday, May 30th I wake to find my white Canterbury bells (?) in full bloom... yes... I see they are not white. I bought them last year when they were two inch starters... now they are four foot purple topped stalks.

Thanks for stopping by. To see other peoples weeks in review visit Sara at Make Music From Your Heart to the Lord.


Dena said...

All your beautiful flowers makes me so wish I had even the slightest green thumb. Gorgeous!

I can't believe that deer walked right up to!

As far as all the creepy, crawly, flying & hopping can keep those. :)

sara said...

that looks like an updated version of Kerplunk your kids are playing. That was my favorite game as a kid!

I would scream like a girl (oh wait I am a girl) too if that moth was on me!!! then I would hurt your hubby!

Great week!

beckyjomama said...

I would've COMPLETELY freaked out to awake to that thing on me! Yikes!

Love all of the nature pics though - YAY! Welcome spring!

a corgi said...

those moths were awesome to look at! I bet in real life they were just gorgeous! loved all the pictures; you do have a lot of wildlife in your neck of the woods!


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Oh dear friend, how I have enjoyed this quiet stroll (notwithstanding the screaming, of course) through your days in nature and nurture. Such a gift . . . thank you.

: D

farmlady said...

Love all the photos. You have such a good eye for taking photos of your kids. Love the one where it looks like the flowers are looking at your children. Wonderful!

Life with Kaishon said...

Your little family is SO adorable Becky! You never cease to make me smile!

Life with Kaishon said...

I just can't get over that buck! CRAZY!