Thursday, May 28, 2009

Roundom Rudeness

So if you haven't heard yet I just started working at Round Table Pizza. I'm not entirely sure that I am allowed to write about my experiences there but I will anyway because I don't know any better.

Ignorance is bliss. Thats my story and I am stickin' to it.

Anyway, I have only worked three shifts so far the longest of which was 3.5 hours. Tonight I worked my forth shift and instead of make-up (building and baking pizzas) I was trained to be the pizza runner. This is the person who brings the food to the table after going through an elaborate ritual of figuring out which pizza it is, whether it was paid for and where it is really supposed to go.

On a completely different note... Billy Crystal was on Jay Leno tonight. I am getting old. I can tell because every time I see a celebrity I grew up watching I think, "boy they are getting old."


Billy Crystal is one of my favorite actors who is, quite frankly, beginning to look a little pasty. That means I'm not too far behind. I do admire him though for letting it happen and NOT pulling a Kenny Rodgers permanent surprise but in denial lift.

If I close my eyes I can picture in my minds eye that Jay is actually interviewing Mike Wisowsky and all is well.

AnYwAy, I also know I am getting older because the antics of teens, specifically the rude ones, gets on my nerves. I brought a medium twist (six garlic bread twists) to a table of three teens, two girls and a boy. It was accompanied by two little tubs of ranch dressing...standard. The boy asked me for an extra ranch. I knew there was a .25 cent charge for extra tubs but was unsure of how to collect it at that point.

I checked with another employee and went back to the table and said, " I'm sorry, it is my first night serving and I was told that extra ranch is .25 cents would you still like one?"

After looking at me like I had hissing cockroaches climbing out my nose he answers, dripping with sarcastic teenage angst, "NO, reeeaaally, I'll be just fiiiiine, but thanks A LOT for bringing extra plates, yep, thanks."

Completely ignoring his tone I respond cheerfully, "You're welcome, enjoy your meal and have a nice evening." Because that is what I am paid minimum wage to do... ignore the fact that someone in this teens life has neglected to tell him that he is not owed a thing just by being born and that not everything in life is free even if you whine for it. All the while thinking... between the three of you you couldn't scrounge up a lousy .25 cents!?! Really!?! You are copping attitude over a quarter cup of ranch!?!

OOOooo... Prince is on Leno too... I... oh my word, seriously? ... nah... I won't go there.

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Kate in NJ said...

LOL, I admire your grace under's a wonder that boy did not have to explain to his Momma why he came home with ranch dressing in his hair.;-)

Smilingsal said...

I love Jay Leno and watched last night. I'm going to miss him. Tonight he'll have Conan on, and although I'll watch it, I wish it'd be all Jay.

The rudeness of America is stunning. We teach by example, and you taught a good lesson!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Oh Girl! You have hit upon my biggest pet peeve! Rudeness just ends me over the edge! I'm sure I would be fired in a NYM if I worked in the service industry. Keep your cool and remember that what goes around comes back around eventually, sadly we are rarely there to see justice reap it's reward! But it always does!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

thank God that my kids never cease to amaze me with their politeness and kindness to others... in spite of what my delusional mother thinks...

Dena said...

I wouldn't have been as nice as you. I would have probably bopped that kid on the back of the head, which would have ended my employment I'm sure.

Life with Kaishon said...

I must be younger than you because I don't really know too much about those people...but that could totally be because I grew up sheltered too. Who knows. I am taking my OLD 32 year old self upstairs for a bubble bath. I am sorry the kids were creep a zoids.

a corgi said...

I love Round Table Pizza. I would imagine you can write about your experiences there, you might just want to be a touch discrete, i.e. "the pizza place I work for, or my job" where it might not pinpoint you at a specific location. I know of a person who lost her job because she wrote about an incident at work on her job and somehow someone found it, reported her to Human Resources because she had violeted HIPAA and she got terminated. So, just a fair warning, be a big careful and not too descriptive of where you work but do share the experiences.

rude teens!!! honestly, so uncalled for. If my kid did that (and I hope he hasn't) I would be mortified.

We were at a hamburger joint and my son (mind you he's now 20) and his friend (24) was with us. They both wanted ranch dressing for their fries so when the lady brought the food out and they asked for it, she told them what the charge would be. we had paid for dinner so when we heard the amount, my husband just reached in his pocket and got a dollar out to cover it (change was brought back). Polite exchange, no problems with it, hope son caught it though that if policy is policy, policy needs to be followed politely by customers. They didn't use all the dressing nor eat all their fries so when it was time to leave, they politely asked for a to-go container for both the fries and the ranch dressing, which I thought was appropriate since they had bought it.


Pastora Debbie said...

First time visitor.
Cracked up throughout this post
so funny
I'll be back:)

Celeste said...

Well done for keeping your cool and not telling the teen what you really thought of him! Whatever happened to respecting your elders? It is a sad reflection on modern society.

Andi said...

Good for you, showing restraint! You will be amazed at your opportunities to "be Jesus" in front of customers and coworkers. It took me a long time to appreciate this aspect of my job as a nurse (aka waitress in many aspects.) Now I appreciate the opportunities I'm given to share God's grace to people who really need Jesus. I used to have a friend in nursing school that every time we encountered a rude person, when we walked off, she would say, "That person needs Jesus in their heart." We would laugh, but it was true. Yesterday there were some total punks at the boat ramp smoking and cussing. When we left, the girls asked about them, and I said, "They are just some kids who really need Jesus." It helps to think of it that way. Maybe you can bathe them in prayer instead of vats of ranch dressing as I'm sure you'll be tempted to do!

farmlady said...

I think even Jesus would have said something if he was presented with the youngsters of today. Entitlement is their middle name and sarcasm is the way they express themselves..., and when they realize they have hurt someone they say "Just kidding."

Yes we're getting old but this lack of kindness is prevalent these days..., not all young people, but an awful lot of them.