Sunday, May 17, 2009

Project 365 ~ April 26th - May 16th

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Wow. I had some catching up to do. I hope you all remember who I am, teehee.

Sunday, April 26th Awanas held a family carnival instead of a store. There were games, candy, cupcakes and more. We had a great time.

Monday, April 27th My Love brings home my birthday/mothers day present. I have wanted a large fountain for a long time and we got this one for only $40 at a yard sale. They were using it as a planter :-/ We bought a pump online... a steal of a deal to fulfill one of this Mommy's dreams.

Flip says, "A fancy new water dish FOR MEEEEE? Fill'er up!" Silly pup.

Tuesday, April 28th I like to call Eden the lizard whisperer. Everyday she catches a new blue belly and names it Love. EVERY time.

I let her keep them over night then she has to let them go. Its always bitter sweet to see Love go but he always has family waiting.

Wednesday, April 29th Ladybugs. We watched them eat aphids, clean up, and even mate. Look out! Its Spring fever in Ladybug Land.

Thursday, April 30th just like Eden with her lizards, James loves his stink beetles (Darkling beetles). They are big but harmless. I was not too thrilled to have it inside but my budding entomologist wanted to be sure I met his new friend.

Friday, May 1st give a girl a tire... she'll make a planter out of it. My tendency to turn anything that doesn't move into a planter drives My Love bonkers. He took this one OK though.

Saturday, May 2nd on our hike the day before to find wild bleeding hearts to fill my new planter we came upon these charming little fellows. The California newt. The thing I like about them are their little hands. So cute! So cartoony. This day we hiked to where we found them and put them back.

Sunday, May 3rd Awanas award night. Here is Eden and James with their teacher, and, below, Kiah with hers. I admire these ladies so much. I could not do what they do with the amount of patience they do it with.

Monday, May 4th Eden was so photogenic after her bath. Those curls and freckles... *sigh*

Tuesday, May 5th Marli helps me bake for Campus Life and reaps the rewards.

Wednesday, May 6th the pump for my fountain arrives in the mail and My Love gets it up and running. I added some pond hyacinth, bullfrog tadpoles and goldfish to the bottom level. I love it! Thank you My Love :-)

Thursday and Friday escaped the camera. :-(
I suspect more aliens :-p

Saturday, May 9th My Love takes James out for a little airsoft (like paintball). I wasn't thrilled but James was in dire need of some MAN time.

Sunday, May 10th Happy Mother's Day! With my love doing all my work for me I relaxed for once. We went to church, had naps (yes, even me), had a picnic, went bike riding, and then out for ice cream. What a great day.

Monday, May 11th the clover begins to bloom and makes for great tree decorations.

Tuesday, May 12th we had an exciting walk. We saw two snakes (a harmless yellow-bellied racer and a teeny tiny red sharp tail). Then Flip caught a HUGE alligator lizard by the tail which it kindly left behind right before it scampered up a tree. James wanted to keep it... um, no.

Wednesday, May 13th I don't remember what I was making for dinner but it sure peaked Flip and Mo's interest. Mo is my parent's dog. They are traveling so we are pupsitting. This dog is equal to two of Flip at 70 pounds, and he is only one year old. :-o But he is a gentle giant and LOVES the kids.

Thursday, May 14th and yet another friend is made.

Friday, May 15th a puppet show awaits courtesy of Kiah.

Saturday, May 16th I'm kidnapped for a girls day out birthday surprise. My friend Melissa came to pick me up... I had no idea she was coming! I had not showered, put a bra on, or brushed my hair, but it didn't take me long to get ready. Another friend, Nadya, was waiting for us at our first destination. Surprise again! We went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and the most fabulous birthday dessert. White chocolate rassberry truffle cheesecake. YUM! We all agreed that next time we will skip the meal and just have cheesecake. I had so much fun. I have the best of friends! Thank you soooooooo much!

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Mel said...

Love watching life by you in pictures it is fun, except maybe the bug ones...the whole beetle thing gave me the creepy crawlies!!!

Cheesecake factory, yummy!!!

sara said...

so glad you caught us up!!!

I saw the AWANA pics and those cubbie vests and immediately starting singing the cubbie song in my head!! can't believe I still remember it!

the fountain is gorgeous!!! and is Flip an aussie? We also have one!

the stink bug pics gave me the shivers....yuck!!!

The tire planter is just too creative...I love it!

Have a GREAT week!

Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

That was all awesome!!!!

Eden... her name and hair... Oh my!!! Perfection!!!

Stink bugs and lizards? Ugh.. no way... my boys are always doing those things... yuck!!!

LOVE the fountain! lOVE THE PRICE even better!!! It is so pretty. I love the sound of water.

Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...



21 AGAIN????

Lisa said...

Way to go on the fountain...that took some creativity.

Glad your mother's day was a special one.

Nothing wrong with catching up!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I detect a running theme in your life: snack foods and reptiles. ; D

LOVE LOVE LOVE the fountain! "Calling all orioles!" When we put in our first fountain and shunned all roundup (the former owner lived by the sprayer, I think) we saw the birds flock to us -- literally! Every avian lover needs a splashing playground.

EnJOY the summertime life -- I sure am!!

Kim said...

I loved it...."another friend is made" LOL What is it about boys and bugs?

Lots of great photos from a busy life! So glad your girlfriends kidnapped you and gave you a special birthday to remember :-)

beckyjomama said...

WOAH! That was a LOT of pics ... and I loved every last one!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i am so in love with your kids and their love of critters... they are just so much fun! very cool on the birthday surprise!

fransmomma said...

that picture of eden is priceless! her hair is just ridiculous--in a fantastic and beautiful way of course! :)

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

I was fine until I saw the lizard tail--eeew.

Your little girl's hair is amazing! Oh what grown women wouldn't give for those ringlets.

Happy late birthday, it looks like you had a great time with great friends--you are very blessed! Oh, and you have given me a baking idea with the cheesecake name--thank you :-)

Liz said...

I loved your photos! They took me back to my memory bank when my kids were young..:creepy crawlies, Awanas, and fresh bathed little ones! Beautiful! Time does pass enjoy them! Great pics. Thanks for stopping by my first Project 365 post. I loved your collages!

skoots1mom said...

i guess bugs even need love...
the kidz r so cute!!

Paul and Katrina Perea said...

WOW! what a week. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! what a great mom...i would never let those stink bugs near're very brave! :)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

So many reptiles and insects, so little time.

Happy, happy birthday, sweet friend.

Eden's curls are outrageous.

Celeste said...

Becky it makes me so happy when I read how 'hands on' all your children are with all the critters they find. It is so refreshing, I see so many children every day at work who are grossed out or terrified by everything, even a butterfly, it is so sad - keep up your excellent example :)

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Great pictures. Oh my the curls and freckles on your sweet little girl are precious. The bugs and snake tales so remind me of my son when he was little (he is 19 now, a few days from 20...oh my!!). Ya just never knew what he would come in the door with, it was always an adventure.

He watched a NATGEO documentary one time where he saw a scientist who used ants (or some other kind of bug, I can't remember)to clean up various bones of lingering remains. Well he came in the house one day and ushered me out to the back yard and showed me where he had buried a dead bird with its head sticking up out of the ground and instructed both me and his dad not to run over it with the lawn mower as he wanted to reconstruct the same effect as he had seen on national geographic.

Just a mom's trip down memory lane in the life of a rambunctious little boy, was that TMI????