Monday, May 08, 2006

Surprise! No Party

Friday at noonish My Love calls me during his lunch break and announces that he has a surprise for me. My first question was, "Can I eat it?" (Hey I'm pregnant, give me a break.) He assures me that his surprise is not edible and that I must wait until he gets home to find out what it is.

Now my mind is racing. Is it something simple like dinner out? No, he said I couldn't eat it. Maybe he bought me presant. But that's against the rules. It better not be a new dog or cat or anything else that breathes for that matter. Nah, he knows better. I know, I know...He is going to take me somewhere and there will be a bunch of people there to jump out and scream, "SURPRISE!!!" After all, you only turn thirty once. I pace the house until he gets home. As soon as he is in the door I close my eyes and hold out my hands and beg for my surprise.

After failing in his evasive maneuvers he finally gave in and sat with me on the couch.
"Okay, " he starts. "Your mom told me I should tell you ahead of time so you could figure out what to wear and do laundry if you had to. tomorrow at 2:30 your your parents are coming over to take charge of the kids and we are going to Boomtown, in Reno, to check out the lobster buffet."

"Ah-Ha!" I think, "so that is where the party will be. "Will, A (my best friend from high school who has just recently moved back to Reno from the outskirts of the universe) be there?" I ask. I could tell by the look on his face that this was the last card up his sleeve.

"No." He replied bluntly (He lied). My mom blew it later that evening when she blabbed the whole plan. My parents were going to take the kids overnight on Saturday so we could go to Reno, visit with A and her hubby, have a quiet night and morning at home and then go to church just the two of us. I was getting exactly what I had asked for, an empty house. Too bad I wasn't going to be in it.

Saturday arrives. My Parents come over and we head out. Once we arrive at Boomtown My Love informs me that we are to meet A in front of the fun center. "Ah-Ha!" I think, again, "Yah, we'll met A and everyone else I know." However, once we were united with A and her hubby we promptly left the building and began deciding how our adventure should begin. It was still early for dinner (unless your name starts with an F or J ;oP ) so we decided to shop ourselves hungry and then indulge in the Atlantis buffet. "Ah-Ha!" I think, yet again. "Everyone is waiting at the Atlantis but I'm not supposed to be there for another hour."

An hour later we all claim to be hungry and head off to the Atlantis where we had a dinner to die for...just the four of us. After we had each stuffed ourselves and undone our top button we decided to visit A's parents. "Ah-Ha!" I think...for the last time...I promise. "You tricksters. You sent everyone to A's parents' house to throw me off the trail. Well, I'm on to you." But apparently I wasn't because after we woke A's parents up we toured the house and yard, flapped our gums, took pictures and left.

By this time it was getting late and A's house was a thirty minute drive from her parents'. So I finally gave in to the fact that I'd had a great time whether or not everyone I know was there. The nice thing was that I didn't have to fake being happy or surprised in front of a huge crowd...just A. Ha Ha, I'm kidding A, come on. Another nice thing was that I didn't have to pretend to like a bunch of impersonal gifts like picture frames and candles. Ha Ha..Kidding again A. I love you! Thank you for being there to make my birthday special and personal!!!

Ah-hem, back to business. We had a great time at our final destination. Well, except for the commercials (A put a leash on that boy). We talked the evening away and then parted ways exhausted, but in a good way. Once we arrived home My Love and I promptly went to bed.

The morning was sweet. If you have babies or small kids you know what I mean. We lingered in bed then took our time getting ready for church. With no kids to shuffle we even had time to go out to breakfast. At church I got to listen to the entire sermon form start to finish which I don't think I have been able to do since 2001. A huge thanks to my parents for making that possible.

My Love, I know you're reading this. Thank you for all your thoughtfulness and planning. Even though I was expecting and maybe even hoping for (could you tell?) a surprise party, I had the best time just being with you. I love you. And yes, you are Mr. Even More Amazing Than Before.

P.S. Maybe when I turn forty ;o)

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