Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hint Hint

This is something I am unsure of but if I'm right I want it documented. Because if it isn't, and I'm right, everyone will say, "Uh-Huh...sure you knew." My birthday is coming up in a few weeks. My gift for the past four years, by my request, has been a trip to Fort Bragg, CA. No presents, no parties, no frills, just a card and a good time at the coast. Well, I think My Love intends to break the tradition this year. We are still going to the ocean, but I have a feeling a surprise party is in the works, too.

Hint # 1: My love let it slip that he talked to my dad at work. My dad is a police officer in a city an hour and a half from where we live. When I asked My Love why he called my dad at work they both stuttered and fumbled around for an answer that sounded reasonable enough to them, but I know better.

Hint # 2: The other night my parents were over for dinner and at one point they started joking with My Love about throwing me a surprise party. The conversation was innocent enough but it was the smirks on their faces that gave them away. They weren't ordinary smirks...they were, "Oh, we are so getting away with this by covering our tracks with this fake surprise party conversation." Come on you guys...I can read you like cheap dime store fiction.

Hint # 3: There have been lots of suggested dinner dates but no follow ups...yet. For example, My Love comes home from work and announces that some friends of ours want to get together without the kids. Then my mom suggests that we go out with her and my dad, just the four of us. I haven't heard another word about these dinner dates. It is not necessarily unusual, just suspicious.

Hint #4: My Love and I were making dinner together and he said we might go out for dinner for my birthday so I joked that we should go to Round Table (if you are throwing a surprise party in our town and its not at someones house then it is always at Round Table). He smirked and said, "Heh-heh, yah."

Hint #5: Later in the dinner making process I told him what I really wanted for my birthday was and empty house, meaning no kids. He replied by saying, "How about a full one?" I told him that I guess I would just have to deal with it but then he quickly started overly reassuring me that he would never throw me a party behind my back.

Hint #6: Both My Love and my mother have suggested that May is a super busy month for them. I'm just not feeling it.

So maybe I am reading into these things a little too much. Maybe I'm hoping that no one listened when I said I don't want a surprise party for my 30th birthday. Perhaps I need a party to help me believe that there are some people out there who really care about me. Whether I get a party or not, My Love is still Mr. Amazing, but...if a party does happen then his status will be raised to Mr. Even More Amazing Than Before.

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