Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Off the Road Again

So I haven't posted in a while. I have been spending every spare moment preparing for vacation, taking vacation, and now recovering from vacation. The trip was fun and we did a lot of cool stuff. We spent some time with my grandparents, went to the Oregon Zoo, stayed the night in Grant's Pass (they have a Walmart time we are staying there two nights!), drove through the redwoods, went to an aquarium in Crescent City, drove through more redwoods, played in the ocean, found shells, played on the beach, shopped, and My Love and I even had a whole day and night to ourselves thanks to my parents who we joined up with in Fort Bragg.

We love the coast and enjoy Fort Bragg a lot. This year we even made it into Mendocino for the first time. The down town area is great for shopping and souvenir collecting. There are quaint shops and galleries around every turn and the view from the main shopping strip is awesome, overlooking a cove with aquamarine waters. However, My Love and I both agree that Fort Bragg and Mendocino are way too liberal for us to live. For one thing there is not one Bible book store in either town. Even the regular book shops are missing a good selection of Bibles and instead the religion sections are full of self-help manuals and new age, idolistic garbage.

Another reason is that there is a general distaste for anything conservative. One shop we visited was filled with Bush bashing paraphernalia. It was being sold right next to the bongs and pipes. On another occasion I was driving down main street and a man in a convertible passed me and yelled quite clearly, "YOU SUCK!" I just assumed it was my driving but I was going with the flow of traffic so I just shrugged it off. Later when I told My Love about it he said it was because of our conservative/Bush bumper stickers. If being conservative and loving life and God make me 'suck' then give me a straw and get out of my way.

Anyway, we did visit a place where we both thought, "if we ever did move it would be here." It was Grant's Pass in Oregon. It was small, and quaint, full of forest, and yes there was the Walmart. We did not stay there very long but My Love did find out the there is a Sovereign Grace Reform Baptist Church. There would be no reason for us not to live there but we still don't know where it stands on its politics in general.

I am glad to be home where I no longer have to work out of my car. My job is much easier when there is a house to do it in. I am praising God for that and for the safety we had while traveling. Also, I am thankful for the opportunity to get back in touch with family and friends.

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