Friday, June 19, 2009

A Little Posty

I just found a nice giveaway over here at MY SWEET SAVANNAH with super classy prizes. I'm gonna enter. Yup I is.

Evidently I find myself in an odd mood. I'm tired from work (making pizza is hard, wah) and unmotivated at home. Obviously I am unable to kick start my thought life as well because my blog has been sitting idle for so long that the comments are being moderated. I have it set for posts over five days old just in case someone reads back.

Why would someone read back??? Maybe to find out if I have always been so funny/weird/esoteric/boring/slakerly/smelly/quirky... you may pick your own adjective.

I have thought of a few posts to write but none of them have happened.

Saw UP. Liked it. A lot. Took the kids. They liked it. A lot.

Saw Star Trek. Liked it. No kids. Liked that. A lot. ;-)

Have you tried that whipped cream cheese? Its da bomb! If you like cream cheese you must try it whipped. Its so soft you can dip your crker right in and it won't break. It spreads super nice as well for those of you who would never dip anything into a container meant for public usage.

My kids eat dirt, see, it could be worse.

I get to work tonight and I get paid. Yay! The job is going well even though my very not a teenagers body doth protest. I still haven't memorized all the toppings and probably messed up once too often, but I'm getting there. They actually had to dump a pizza last night because I put the wrong meat on it. Woopsie. My Bad.

I think my brain is emptied for now. Until I hit publish. As it is I have been staring out the window for five minutes trying to think of something else to say.

Pathetic :-p And I mean that in a very self loving affectionate way.


a corgi said...

that's the only cream cheese we buy (the whipped); I'm so spoiled but it is so good; they had one that was cheesecake flavored which was absolutely delicious but I haven't seen that in a LONG time

always exciting when it is pay day!! and so glad you got to see Star Trek sans the children (you need a date every once in awhile, right??) we were going to see UP but ran out of time last weekend,oh well; glad you guys all enjoyed it

I'll head over and see what that give away is

enjoy the weekend (when you are not working of course)


Laura ~Peach~ said...

glad to see your non post post... lol i find things to blog about then forget later when i have time to blog LOL

kelliebean said...

Well there you are! :)

Whipped cream cheese is good, but mascarpone is heavenly. Just sayin'.

Tabi said...

ymmmm whipped cream cheese....ymmmmm pizza....hmph...we started the south beach diet last week. Phase one is brutal...I need some whipped cream cheese with my pizza! lol...glad to see you hanging in there!

Have a great weekend!

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Hey!!! Before you know it, they'll be calling you the queen of pizza!!!

Just hang in there!!!


Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

You could have tossed that wrong pizza my way--I love pizza!!

Do you have any funny stories about your kids growing up that you could post about? My mom comes up with some doozies about us 4 being so close in age...

Karen Deborah said...

take a nap, you'll feel better. We read back when we find a new blog and want to read more. Haven't you ever done that?

Andi said...

I've been missing you, but I figured with the job and the full time mommy job you were too tired and busy to post!

they threw out a perfectly good pizza? couldn't you bring that home to the fam? How wasteful...

Life with Kaishon said...

I wish you could have taken the dumped pizza home to your little pink children since they have been eating dirt and that makes me a wee bit nervous : ). : ) You will get it eventually. And then you will love it. And you will dream about pizza toppings in your sleep!

Celeste said...

Don't despair - we all have days like that ;) This too will pass!