Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Giveaway Results Watch Me Wednesday Style

The results are in and...

I love you!


I mean, I thank you all so much for entertaining and humoring me for the past couple of weeks. I definitely needed the escape from reality today. It was just hectic and I have no one to blame but myself.

I started the day out by forcing the kids to work on a Father's Day project only to realize that Father's Day is still actually over two weeks away.

Wish I had realized that before
I had made them cry.

Then I had snacks to make for a hundred plus highschoolers who go to Campus Life. And, of course, I procrastinated until the last minute on tallying and preparing your comments for the drawing. Shame on me.

Then there was just life in general which today involved convincing a 2yo. to use a potty instead of the floor, an overly loud/whiny five yo. boy who stayed up waaaaaaay to late, a sweet but sneaky pair of blonds who wanted everything I have said no to in the last month, and PMS.

So if you find a bite out of any chocolate that you may have won, now you know why.

Despite all of the above I did get it all done and below you will find a revealing video *snicker*

I do apologize for the length of the video. and if you do not have a fast connection then I suggest you just skip it and scroll down to where I actually typed out all the information you are looking for. My video "clip" turned out to be eight minutes. EIGHT MINUTES!!! Which wouldn't be so bad if I actually had something to say.

I also found out some things about myself from the making and viewing of this results video:

1. I should always, ALWAYS be scripted when on camera. ALWAYS.

2. I'm a bit bizarre. Perhaps that is what draws some of you back... its hard to bear but yet you can't look away. LOL.

3. I lather/rinse/repeat as in overkill. In fact, after My Love helped me film he said, "you're gonna have to change your blog name to Ramblings of a Mom."

Perhaps, but I don't want to be obvious. :-p

4. I like to wear My Love's shirts. I guess I could have changed into some of my own clothes for the sake of appearances but I was keepin' it real ya know... yeah... thats it. At least I had a bra on. I know TMI.

5. I crack myself up.


Apparently we don't own a computer with the capability to upload an 8 minute video :-(

Why didn't I just edit the post so there wasn't all this build up and then a big let down!?!?!?!?!

Because I'm a little lazy like that ;-)

I'll just include a copy of it for you winners... maybe someday I'll get it to post... until then, read on for the winners.

Congratulations to...

Robin @ Be Still and Know - 21st commenter

Skoots1mom @ My Hands His Glory - 100th commenter

DaNella @ Beyond Microbursts - 200th commenter (and for most comments)

Saundra @ Italian Mama Gone Crazy - 1st random drawing winner

You have all won this...

And Danella gets this bonus.


Laura~Peach @ Silence is Broken - 2nd random drawing (must be a nonwinner) winner gets this...

There may be a little something extra thrown in with all those for good measure too.


Don't be surprised if you don't see me for a few days because I may be passed out on the floor and the kids will be using me as a TV pillow.

I'm just saying ;-)

Now all of you winners need to send me your mailing address so I can get you your prize and pay it forward. My email is...

gbhadley @ yahoo . com

With no spaces of course ;-)


Laura ~Peach~ said...

wow how totally cool!!!!! love the fact that 8 min videos are too big lmao... i have trouble loading a 1 min video... so i no longer feel so alone!!!!!!!THANK YOU THANK YOU :) this has been totally fun seeing all the comments *when blogger is not being a turd!* HUGS and so much fun!!!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

To much fun... address is in your in box.


a corgi said...

LOL; I was hoping you would be able to load that video; it sounds hilarious!

congrats to all the winners! what great prizes you came up with!

love your new header on your journal; very summer like!


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I sent it again. let me know if it works.

Sandy Toes said...

Wow..congrats to your winners!!!
What fun stuff.
sandy toe

farmlady said...

Well..., let's see. Congratulations to the winners!!! Congratulations to "potty in the toilet, not on the floor." and Congratulations to YOU for getting through the whole crazy day..., could you send me two dozen cookies for a meeting tonight?

skoots1mom said...

thanks again...the address should be in your box :)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Woopty Woo!

Sue said...

All that build up to the video and then the huge let down. But I have to admit that it's pretty funny that you didn't even edit the video part out.

Yep, you are quirky. And I LIKE it.


PS. Congrats to all the winners...

DaNella Auten said...

I LOVE ROCHER!!!! And most comments... What an honor! Fits, I talk alot...

Kate in NJ said...

lol, you crack me up!!
Congrats to all the winners!

Mama Kat said...

Geez your as big of a mess as I am. ;) Congratulations to the winners and their cool prizes!!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Check you inbox, i sent it again. If this does not work I have a yahoo email address we can try.


Life with Kaishon said...

you are so nice Becky : ).
I love nice.
Thanks for doing this nice thing for so many people.
You are a super star : ).

Ruth MacC said...

That's so fnny!!!

DaNella Auten said...

I got my Rocher's.... mmmmmmmm
I love the Daffodils!