Tuesday, December 05, 2006


This is actually a rsvp to a birthday invitation that turned into a description of my day. I liked it so much (for some odd reason) that I chose to immortalize it forever on my blog. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Hello U,

Of course we will attend. Well, at least the majority of us. I like the invitation, especially the 5:30ish part :-). Coordinating six bodies is not an easy task as I am sure you know. I'm still getting used to the new addition and haven't accounted for the twenty extra minutes it takes to get one more body ready to go. Then there is the last minute dirty diaper change, the loading of the car, the three trips back to the house to fetch the forgotten but absolutely essential items ("Did you grab a binki?"..."No, did you?"), the second last minute diaper change, then, finally the drive home after we we're already halfway to our destination because...and I quote, "IIIIIIIIINNNNEEEEEEEEDMYBLLLLAAANKIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!"
UGH, How do you put up with us? If you ever want to have a nice quiet birthday for R, please don't feel guilty about forgetting to invite us...for your sakes :-).

Anyway, on a personal note, I have spent all day monitoring Kiah on the couch because she came down with the "hiccups" this morning (you know, the messy kind). It only lasted till noon but we kept her on the couch all day and now she is sleeping there (I am listening to her snore as I write). It actually worked out to have Kiah rather sedated because a guy was coming to work on our water system. It hasn't been doing it's job for about eight months and our water pressure has been getting worse and worse. After I chewed the guy out for feeling taken by being sold a system not equipped to handle our water he finally found that the problem was that the piping system to one of the tanks was installed backwards. Hmmm...I would have thought he might have noticed that one of the last three times he was here. Now its all better and because the guy is now afraid of me we didn't have to pay for any of the repairs.

My Love came home at lunch so I could make it to a dental appointment. Just a routine cleaning but since it has been six years since my last cleaning there was quite a bit of build up. The hygenist's exact words were, "I got the big chunks today and we'll see you again in a month for a regular cleaning." I guess there is something to those twice a year visits. I've just been kind of busy being pregnant and having babies.

Well, this rsvp has been beaten to death. I guess I just needed to talk about my day and everyone here is sleeping (even Flip, but shes not much good for conversation anyway...I don't think she gets my jokes). Talk to you soon or email me. It seems a little easier than a phone conversation because I don't have to worry about yelling in your ear.

Love you

By His Grace

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