Sunday, December 03, 2006


I am Dora-ed out! You know how when you rub your eyelids you see random light patterns? Well, when I rub my eyelids I see Dora's face. When I lay down to sleep I dream Dora. When it is quiet and the only sound is the gentle hum of appliances...I hear her haunts me..."Say backpack"..."Louder!"..."BACKPACK!!!"

I threw K's first "real" birthday party. She has had her mind set on a Dora the Explorer party for approximately eight months. I hope it was everything she imagined. We had Dora decorations, a giant Dora balloon, Dora plates and napkins, and even Dora goodie bags. She was quite spoiled in the gift department as well. Her big presant was a Dora bedset, but she also recieved A Dora puzzle, a Dora video, various articles of Dora clothing, a Dora playdough set, and Dora watches among other things.

Since she was turning five (actually, not until the 21st) we invited five of her friends. We had an adventure/treasure hunt and the best part was when Swiper made an apperence to steal the clues.

Swiper, no swiping!!!
Swiper, no swiping!!!
Swiper, no swiping!!!
(Thanks My Love, you're a great sport!).
Aw, Man!

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Julie said...

My son was obsessed with Dora when he was about 3. He even had a little, imaginary Dora that he carried around in the palm of his hand for months. I even had to set a place for her at the table. Sadly, one day, he outgrew the imaginary Dora, and when I asked where she had gone, he blithely stated, "Oh, I burned her up in the barbeque." :-O Does anyone have a number for a good child psychologist? LOL! :D

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