Thursday, December 07, 2006

Going Gray

There it is - glistening in the artificial light of the master bath.
Shining like a beacon from the part in my do.

I lean in,
Tweezers at the ready,
Sort, sort, isolate,

What in the world...has my scalp run out of color?
For what I have found is an immensely dense, rather daring , and definitely gray, hair.

Shouldn't I have received a letter from AARP to announce its arrival first? At least a courtesy phone call would be nice.

"Hello, Mrs. Hadley? This is Betty, your AARP representative... Yes... I have news for you... You should expect to see the arrival of your first gray hair sometime next week... Uh-huh... Do whatever you want with it... That would be fine... Let us know if you need anything... Okay... Your card will arrive shortly after the hair... Thank you... Have a good retirement... Bye"

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