Tuesday, December 04, 2012

I Heart Faces - Shadow Play

Day 4

This is a Christmas tradition in our home.  We bring out all our winter stuffies and set up a snow scene at the top of our living room windows.  The scene varies from year to year but a few things remain the same: the penguin with the green hat always goes for a belly slide, and a lighted evergreen garland is hung around them.  I love how the little lights peeking through the boughs casts a playful dance of light and shadow.


Lisa said...

this is so cute! I did not have time to post a shadow photo yesterday BUT! I have one. Maybe I'll back track and do it today. . . If I have time. :)Uggg! I think I should get up earlier. :)

Elizabeth said...

So cute! This year the snowmen actually made it out of their box this year, I also hung about three dozen plastic snowflakes around the dining room. It may not be a winter-wonderland outside, but we sure have the snow spirit inside!