Sunday, December 02, 2012

I Heart Faces - Me

So here I am, with my camera.  It is nothing special.  A Sony Cybershot with 3x zoom and 7.2 mp.  It takes nice pictures.  No one buys my pictures or pays me to take pictures.  We just do our thang capturing memories (sometimes inventing or recreating them) as they whoosh by.  Like my camera _I_ am nothing special.  I don't mean that in a self deprecating way.  A Christian, wife, and homeschooling mom.  A manager at a pizza joint. There are lots of us still in use, albeit, a little out dated.


Lisa said...

Oh! My gosh! You should see my camera. I have dropped it so many times I keep it together with a hair band. LOL! If our cameras describe us I'm in trouble. But! I get exactly what your saying here. :) I'm a home school mom of 11 years. . . nothing special. . .I'm just a mom trying to keep up. :) I love your photo. :) and your blog. I'm joining. Hope to see you over at my little blog. Good luck with the challenge. I'm trying to do it too.

Sue McCarley said...

Becky, you are special, because God made each one of us amazing! You are amazing, because you are you!