Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Morning After

So the actual morning after the sleep over was Thursday.

I survived.

I dropped off the last friend around 2pm after Space Chimps, breakfast, beading, snacking, whining, a quick lunch and a stop at the park.

Kiah didn't want it to end. She rode home with her hand pressed longingly against the window fruitlessly grasping at moments passed, blubbering uncontrollably.

It was ... it was... well, it was pitiful. She sees these friends about twice a week so I have a sneaky suspicion that she was not going through friendship withdraws but sugar/sleep withdraws.

She even wandered out of her room after bedtime to tearfully inform me that she misses her friends and can't stop thinking about them.


Oh to be seven.

I can't believe we are into the weekend. At least the beginnings of it. I feel the need for some major thrift store therapy but time on the weekends is divided between ministries, momming, work, and catching up with everything I should have been getting done during the week. Lately any time I get to thrift shop seems to be right before the store closes and I hate rushing my thift store experiences. Its like going in for a full spa treament only to have them send you home without getting your shoes off.

For now I'm going to settle for a dose of Seinfeld and some much needed pillow therapy. I hope to someday have time to catch up on my posts and catch up with you.

Have a blessed weekend.


Sue said...

I love thrift stores, too. It's sort of like a treasure hunt.


2Thinks said...

A bunch of cute girls, that's what that is! Darlings. They don't look sad in the picture, that's for sure.

I know what you mean about posting. I can't seem to post much either lately. I figured the last post I put up there had so many pictures that took soooo long to load on and post there- I'd just leave it up for a few days without covering it up with some other blabbidy, blogpost.

Karen Deborah said...

cute little girls and what a great party. i think maybe after all of that what would really help is a nice nap for everybody.
If she's crying she had an overwhelmingly good time.

Anonymous said...

Oh the days of the crazy sleep overs. I miss them so much! Getting our sweet loot from Grocery Outlet and eating ourselves into a stupor. I always fell asleep at 9...pathetic! (still do).
Man I have the thrift store itch today too. You should come to Reno tommorrow. Or I could come there really early and we could shop! Joe gone until Sun night...the continual gut of the house continues. I have literally given it some major attention. Imagine a 700 hundred pound woman with loose skin having her major skin reduction surgery = my house. Cooper just keeps picking up the stuff I am trying to throw out and caressing it. If I could stay up late I should do it late at night.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

You survived . . . this round.

: D

Life is rich and full at each stage -- the slumber party stage was not big around here . . . WHEW!

Sounds like Kiah had a GREAT time!

a corgi said...

hoping you can get to some thrift stores soon! I think you were a great mom to do this sleepover! they do look like they have a good time! It is hard when it ends; I could see why your daughter said she missed her friends; the good thing is she'll see them soon, not like they moved 2000 miles away :)

love Seinfeld!

enjoy the day


Paul and Katrina Perea said...

The girls are so cute! She'll always remember her sleepover.

Joyfulsister said...

Oh to be seven again ~~~~ hey sistah, ((Hugz))) How have you been? I had to come see you profile cause I just needed a giggle at this moment lol. Hope all is well with you, as for me going through some tests and praying all will be well. Missed you so I had to come and say Helloo...

Hugz Lorie

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

" ... hate rushing my thift store experiences. Its like going in for a full spa treament only to have them send you home without getting your shoes off" --now that is a GREAT quote! I would go with you to a thrift store just to see what you could find.

Karen Deborah said...

blogville to Becky....where art thou?

Life with Kaishon said...

Those girls are SO cute Becky. So flipping cute! : )